Foal Friday: The Pump House

I think we’ve already established that a certain little pony nugget has a penchant for finding trouble.

If he can’t FIND trouble, he’s certainly not shy about stirring things up and creating it himself.

And when he can’t succeed at creating trouble amongst his herdmates, he will find it in his environment. This time he found it right inside this door (note the little nose smears and teeny teeth marks, henceforth known as Evidence).

That would be the door to the pump house, which is settled into the middle of one of their pastures. It’s just a small innocuous brown building, nothing exciting about it. Well, that is, there was nothing exciting about it, until the day humans were in there doing something and Ollie came in to investigate.

This is the day Ollie learned that the little brown building does indeed OPEN and contain ALL KINDS OF FUN NEW THINGS INSIDE. It was a veritable toy chest designed specifically for baby ponies. Obviously.

Ollie is smart though, and he knows how to wait for juuuust the right opportunity. He didn’t make his first move until he was turned out in the pump house pasture overnight. In the cover of darkness he had ample time to figure out how to get inside the toy box. Doorknobs might be tricky when you don’t have thumbs, but they’re no match for a determined pony. He got in, found the stack of empty feed sacks, and pulled them all out into the pasture for everyone to enjoy. Say what you want about Ollie’s leadership style but he’s not selfish with his conquests.

The pump house pasture isn’t his usual nighttime turnout though, so he again had to wait patiently for his next opportunity to arrive. And, once again under the cover of darkness, this week it finally happened. And this time he took it a step further.

Not only did he open the pump house and once again remove the feed bags, he also dragged out a tarp and began removing the building’s insulation. Because insulation DEFINITELY looks like a fun thing to play with!

Once again there was no shortage of evidence (a clever criminal he is NOT) – he left tiny pony footprints, nose smears all over the place, and a pile of poop behind. He may as well have signed his name right there on the floor.

He left his new “toys” spread all over the pasture, quite pleased with it’s new decoration. But I think Ollie now has officially lost nighttime privileges to the pump house pasture, at least until the door can be pony-proofed a bit better. For such a teeny tiny pony mouth it sure can do a lot of damage. He’s lucky he’s cute.

Happy Friday, everyone!

10 thoughts on “Foal Friday: The Pump House

  1. He’s very cute but if he would have been the first year crop who knows if they would have any more babies?? Such a curious pony! Lol


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