A Majykal Experiment

A few weeks ago Holly pinged me and asked if my Majyk Equipe ice boots stayed cold in a cooler… cold enough to take to a show and use the next day or even two days later. Admittedly I wasn’t sure, because luckily I have a freezer on site at the barn that they can stay in, and I literally haven’t been to a horse show since I got them (thanks covid!). So she did her own experiment with her ice boots and her regular Igloo cooler, but since I have a Yeti that I coerced the SO into buying for me a couple Christmases ago (he thought I actually wanted it for food, not ice for the horse’s legs… adorable), I wanted to give it a try myself with my Yeti.

I already knew that the boots stayed cold for quite a while when used on the horse. I can put them on Henry for 20mins and they’re still frosty when I take them off. But since I was going to do the cooler experiment anyway I figured we’d put some actual numbers to all of it, rather than just vague descriptions. So to start with, I took their temperature coming straight out of the freezer.

And then took it again after 20 minutes on the horse. (note: I took the temp in the middle of the boot, where it had had maximum contact with the leg)

For the next part I put the boots back in the freezer overnight, dragged my Yeti out of the shed (where it’s been since after Coconino last year – I’m not crying, you’re crying), and dumped all the ice in my freezer into it. Which… wasn’t much. Only enough to make like 2 layers of ice cubes. I wasn’t about to wait for the ice maker to fill up again though, or go to the store just to buy a bag of ice (we have found the limit to my dedication), so I figured this could be a “worst case scenario” type of ice + Yeti situation. Just go with it and realize that your results would probably be better if you actually put an adequate amount of ice in the cooler. Anyway, I left a layer of ice on the bottom, shoved the boots in, and then tossed another layer ice on top and shut the lid.

More ice would def be better

24 hours later I opened it up and checked the temperature of the boots again. They were just above freezing. Definitely cold enough to still be useful, although here is where I was kind of annoyed at myself for not getting more ice because I definitely think they still would have been below 32 if I’d had more in there. Whatever, we’re doing a not-best-case-scenario experiment.

I closed the lid back up and gave it another 24 hours, so it was now at the 48 hour mark total. Opened it up again, took the temperature, and it had barely changed.

So basically – yes, if you have a nice cooler these boots could definitely be usable at a weekend show. I do think the “nice cooler” part is key though if you’re talking multiple days. With a regular cooler you’d probably want to be using the boots within 24 hours.

My main thoughts overall from this little experiment:

  • These Majyk Equipe ice boots are definitely top-notch when it comes to staying cold. To still be at freezing temp after icing on a hot horse on a hot day is pretty darn good.
  • Ice boots + cooler are actually a viable option if you don’t want the fuss or mess of ice. Of course, in that scenario investing in a nice cooler is probably essential if you need to keep it cold for more than a day. To be honest I had never really considered trying to pack these ice boots to a show… I always just buy a bag of ice wherever I am and use the suspender boots (which Henry HATES). But knowing that these can stay viably cold in my cooler for at least two days means that I could definitely use them at shows… it would save all the fuss and muss (and Henry’s emotional trauma) of dealing with real ice.

3 thoughts on “A Majykal Experiment

  1. For anyone reading, because I’m too lazy to write a real post:
    In a basic Igloo cooler (soft sided) with about the same amount of ice (see: not full cooler)…
    24 hours – 35 degrees
    48 hours – 47.5 degrees
    68 hours – 65 degrees (aka useless)

    So a good cooler and enough ice definitely make a difference, BUT they do hold their own in staying cold.


  2. I think you can also get a small freezer for the cost of a Yeti cooler (or less). I plan to get one for my trailer. Of course, you need power for that, but most shows have power at the stalls.
    Super impressed that the boots stayed that cold so long though. And nice to know that’s an option if you don’t have access to power or a freezer.


  3. This is super useful!

    I bought these boots based on your review for my endurance horses from RW during their Memorial Day weekend sale…and haven’t been able to use them yet either (thanks torn ACL and hurt horse!…and eff you COVID!).

    I take my LQ for rides and my family bought me a little countertop ice maker, so it’s good to know I don’t have to put these in my freezer with any food I may have for them to be reused over a weekend! While I don’t mind eating some horse hair, the idea of scrubbing out the freezer doesn’t sound like fun.


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