Candles, Pools, and Queso

I took the morning off work, we got a solid VP pick yesterday, and it’s my birthday – so, I’ve made the executive decision that today is just a bunch of rando positive or funny things and the “real content” (as real as it ever gets around here these days) can return tomorrow.

my week so far

The SO’s parents sent me an amazon gift card for my birthday, which I took as a sign from the gods to order Presto his pool. I’d been wavering on it because I’m super grumpy about knowingly overpaying for things, but these stupid pools are sold out everywhere at their regular price. Technically the gift card isn’t my money, right? And I feel like his parents would enjoy Presto having a pool, right? So I ordered it. We’ll see where this leads. It’s 120″ of inflatable fun, let’s just hope it lasts at least 30mins before he puts a hole in it.

how mega-creepy is the guy on the box?

His rubber chicken hasn’t arrived yet though, judging by the tracking someone must be walking it across America on foot. Oh well, we’ll make due with just the pool for now.

The only thing I actually asked for this year was candles. Which… I’m not a candle girl at all, that’s way out of character for me and definitely the first time I’ve ever genuinely wanted one. But I found Gay Guy Candle Co and honestly it’s everything I didn’t know I was missing. I was going to order them for myself for the new house (because let’s be honest, these are decor level candles) but I figured the SO might relish the opportunity to not have to buy me horse stuff for once. I was correct.



Who knew I was a fan of candles?

My green dye also arrived yesterday, so I could attempt to fix that shirt that I made really bright blue and hated. I wanted to go more teal.

this hurt mah eyeballs

I didn’t need much of the green, only about half a tablespoon did the job.

Granted, I hated the bright blue so much that I added a pinch more green just to make sure it was well and truly dead. So my teal is perhaps a bit more on the green side, but I’m 100% okay with that. This is much improved. My eyeballs no longer bleed when I look at it.


My dye collection is growing, I now have plenty of leftover Navy, Emerald, and Pink. Yet… nothing left to dye. Woe is me.

Last but not least, I dunno who @sagebrushsoul is on TikTok, but she is hi-larious. If you have it, you should follow her. I slightly personalized this one, because she’s got both of my horses nailed to a T. This (combined with the fact that Trump wants to ban it) is almost enough to sway me to sign up for TikTok.


Usually I buy myself something nice for my birthday, like… a saddle. Or a coat. Or a bridle. Or some boots. This year I really don’t need anything and I spent a good hunk of money on the tiny house down payment, so I suppose that will have to count as my birthday splurge.

I’m off to the barn this morning, and may or may not stop at my favorite Mexican restaurant on my way home and get chips and queso for lunch. You can’t judge me, it’s my birthday. Those are the rules.

Hope everyone is having a good week!

15 thoughts on “Candles, Pools, and Queso

  1. I’m pretty sure chips and queso for lunch is a rule everyday, not just on your bday. For example, it is what I had for lunch yesterday. And perhaps will have again today.

    Happy Birthday! πŸ™‚


  2. Happy birthday. You deserve a day of indulgence. I qm enjoying your dye projects. Here is a thought, if you see something in white for a steal, you can always dye it a fun color.


  3. Happy birthday! Mine was on Monday πŸ˜€ No judgment on the chips and queso at all — my birthday tradition is eating leftover ice cream cake for breakfast until it’s gone!


  4. I 100% am going to need a review of how these candles smell, because I may have picked out about a dozen…so far…

    And Happy Birthday!


  5. Keep listening to the vimeo, that’s the greatest. Happy Birthday!
    Vimeo shirt = “Bluebonnet Feed”, so probably Texas?


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