Foal Friday: Majikal Color-Changing Bebes

Have you ever seen a grulla foal go through it’s foal shed? It’s not cute. It’s a very mangey-looking molting process because they’re so much darker underneath in that first shed.

It’s also H-O-T out in west Texas already, with days getting at or near triple digits. These thick dense foal coats are not exactly the best thing to be wearing in that kind of weather, and while they will eventually shed out all the way, it’ll be another month or so at least. Teddy and Patrick both had particularly thick and wiry coats and were getting pretty darn hot during the day.

super thick and fuzzy
Patticakes popped out dressed for winter

So given all that, this week was baby horse haircut week at WTW! Now, these aren’t the most polished, show-ready haircuts. I mean… they’re baby horses getting body-clipped in a limited amount of time, there’s a point where you just declare it “good enough”. The main goal is to get all that thick hair off so they can stay cooler.

The first one to go under the clippers was Teddy, and she is now a completely different color than she started from.

she was so dark under there!
oh yeah, right there

Her most ticklish and hard to reach spots remain unclipped, but they’ll shed out eventually and she’ll be all one color again. She’s definitely not getting nearly as hot as she was, so mission accomplished.

The next one on the docket was Patrick, who had a coat so dense that he killed the clipper blades and more had to be ordered. But hey, look how GRAY he already is underneath. It’s another magical color-changing foal, this one from dark to light.

All of his ticklish spots will get finished eventually but he deserved a break. Patticakes seems appreciative of the haircut too, he says it’s way better for all the fun activities he has planned throughout his days.

like biting Obi
a lot

Pippa got a little bit of a haircut too – her coat wasn’t quite so dense and she doesn’t seem to get as hot, so she just got her neck done for now (or as I like to call it, a mullet). Her color is exactly the same underneath, being a regular dark bay. She seems pleased with her style though.

Obi will be the next one up… he’s the most sensitive of the bunch so he kind of got saved for the end. He’s a pudgy little chonker though so I think a haircut would greatly benefit him in this heat as well. It’s definitely not gonna get any cooler for quite a while!

hang on, you’re gonna do WHAT to me?

We’ll have to see if he looks any darker underneath too, or if he stays that super reddish bay. It’s kinda fun, stripping all that hair off.

Hope you guys are staying cool out there too. Happy Friday!

6 thoughts on “Foal Friday: Majikal Color-Changing Bebes

  1. Total change of topic, but how are you enjoying your spin bike? Do you use an app for your rides? I just got a Peloton and I’m loving it and would love to hear an update on yours!


  2. Love Foal Friday.
    Boys and fly masks (I assume that is what they are playing with) are never a good combination – even one of the old geldings down the street from me had his off this morning. I assume his pasture mate had something to do with it 🙂


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