Happy Birthday Henry!

Happy Friday the 13th, Happy Day before Valentine’s Day, and Happy Birthday to the one and only He’salmostsweet aka Happenstance aka Henrypants!

And all the outtakes

Worst. Idea. Ever.




I’m just not even talking to you right now.

We celebrated last night with treats for the ponies and cupcakes for the humans. Henry, as you can imagine, was thrilled with my hat idea. Pretty sure he’s plotting his revenge as we speak. For his “birthday ride” (since I can’t go out today) I picked his favorite thing and jumped him in his side pull, just a few fences but I put them up around 3′, and he was super. God he just goes so well in that thing. Then we went for a walk down the road with his buddy Auto and I stuffed him full of the rest of his Carat Cake when we were done. He thinks those are DELICIOUS.

mini cupcakes don’t count

I’m barnsitting this weekend but have a dressage lesson on Saturday. Is it weird that dressage lessons make me nervous and pretty much nothing else does? Scary scary dressage.

21 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Henry!

  1. actually i forgot what it was like to see a horse go commando ours have been under blankets so long. I kept staring at him wondering what was off about the photo and assumed it was the hat. NOPE the fact your horse is NAKED. Must be nice! 🙂


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