Back in the groove

First of all – congrats to all my peeps at PS of Sweden on winning another Hippson award! They are having a 15% celebration sale on everything in the store with the code vinnare14. Just enabling saying…

On to Henry things… since we’re fiiiinally having a stretch of good weather here (knock on wood) we’ve been able to get back to regular rides. No more of this once or twice a week thing that we’ve been doing pretty much since the end of November! Nothing super specific is going on yet. We did our XC school last weekend and we did a jump school on Monday night… definitely feeling rusty but hopefully things will start coming together again quickly.

And in even better news, my picture taking friend Amy was able to come back out! We haven’t been working on anything particularly exciting, but hey – pictures are pictures. There is solid proof that I do, in fact, still ride. And yes I’m wearing a sunshirt in these pics because it was 85 and sunny that day. Sorrynotsorry, northerners.




cantering the skinny rolltop to skinny rolltop 2-stride while Brandy judges me silently from the shadows


He can canter with his eyes closed. That’s talent.


Someone needs a bath, his heart is dirty


He’s obviously thrilled to be back to work

On Tuesday we had a fantastic hack out in the big front field. We worked on some tougher flatwork and he was really game and forward. I think he was just happy to be out in a nice big open space again… it’s been a while. After he gave me a little stretchy trot I let him gallop a big lap around the field as a fun reward for his efforts. Of course, it was pretty warm so by that point he was already a bit tired and sweaty so it wasn’t that exciting. But he did get his first hose-down of the year, which I found incredibly exciting. Him, not so much.

Wake me up when it’s dinner time

He also lost a shoe somewhere in the field but luckily the farrier was coming the next day so he only had to go shoeless overnight. Good timing.

For the rest of the month I’m hoping to fit in a couple dressage lessons (better yet – have the dressage trainer RIDE him!) and on the 28th we’re tentatively planning a sj/xc semi-private at a venue a couple hours away with course designer and trainer Carsten Meyer. For now, I’m just so happy to be back in the saddle with good weather and good rides!

18 thoughts on “Back in the groove

  1. I love all of these pictures! I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: Henry has the best facial expressions in the history of life. And totes jealous of your sunshirt in February….our HIGHs this weekend are in the teens.

    I’m not bitter at all.


  2. So jealous of your great weather! I would give anything to hose off Estella right now LOL

    Sounds like things are getting back to normal! Hopefully that will happen in Ohio sometime soon, too. Not planning on it 😉


  3. 85 and sunny…*dies of jealousy*.

    I really love the photos you got – he’s looking great! I love his clipped color 🙂


  4. um

    new ps headed my way and i can’t even blame you.

    I keep telling myself that you better enjoy those 85 temps now because you’ll be suffering in 120 when it’s 100 here, but somehow that doesn’t seem as convincing.


  5. Why did there have to be a sale and why do I find myself in reality truly needing 2 new bridles for Chimi?!?!?!!?! My “cart” is very full on the website- just need to check sizing before I click buy!!!! I think you might of started a PS of Sweden revolution with this sale 🙂


  6. I’m having a really hard time not ordering anything from PS knowing they have a coupon code. But I’ve heard rumors they are coming out with higher quality leather later this year 😁😁😁


  7. So jealous of your sunshine and ability to hose horses. Only one of our hoses still has the water turned on, although that was Wednesday and the weather has heated up since then!
    Bring us some of your fine weather next month please!!!!
    Love the photos, the sunlight is stunning. I heart all your PS stuff *swoon*


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