Foal Friday: The Tale of Two Babies

The two current WTW foals are in a really fun stage. They’re past those first few days of life where they’re so delicate, but they’re still young enough to be really cute. This is also the time when their personalities start to really shine through, and boy are the babies different.

Take Oakley, for example.


She is a spitfire, this one. Very bold, lots of sass, and can often be found running around doing whatever the heck she feels like doing. Running is her favorite.



Even if her timing is perhaps a bit rude.

when you’re just trying to roll but you spawned a demon

She also ain’t skeered of nothin’.

What dis?

Remi, on the other hand, is a GQ model. His specialty is being really really ridiculously good looking in every photo. He’s also brave and bold, but in a less OUT THERE kind of way. His is more of a quiet confidence. He likes to investigate things, but he’s also being raised by a bit of a helicopter parent, thus is definitely more of a mama’s boy.




checking out his future career

Last week they got turned out together for the first time, which is always a little nerve-wracking, mostly because of the mares. Daisy and Peyton are very familiar with each other, but dynamics can change quickly when foals are involved.


Oakley had no problem marching right up to a strange mare and foal to say hi, of course. Peyton wasn’t so sure that she wanted her precious son playing with the neighborhood punk, although she was willing enough to say let him say hi as long as she was with him.


And then Oakley figured out that she could wait for Remi to venture away from Peyton,Β  come flying out from behind the roundbale like the Tasmanian Devil, and send poor Remi running for the hills. She’s a terrorist.


It also appears from the photos that at some point the mares had a dance off.







I’ll let you guys decide who won.

Aside from being mischievous little balls of craziness, they’re definitely still really cute. There’s no disputing that part.



Hopefully by this time next month we’ll have a 3rd foal in the mix! As far as I’m concerned we can just keep piling on the cuteness indefinitely. Their antics and goat beards are bringing me lots of happiness right now.

As a parting shot for this week, I leave you with Daisy, who is probably all of us in quarantine right now. Food hanging out of her mouth, scratching her ass on a round bale. Way to sum up April 2020, Daisy.


Happy Friday everyone!

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