Matchmaker make me a match

First of all, before we get to the actual point of this post, two things:

  1. Henry jumped out of his stall last night. I guess he decided he needed an XC fix or something??? I opened the back door to go feed this morning and there he was in the courtyard, screaming at me for breakfast. His stall door was still latched and there’s nary a mark on him. I can see the hoofprints where it looks like he landed in the sandy barn aisle. WTactualF, horse? I expect this kind of crap from the babies but you’re 13, stop it.
  2. Hufglocken is having a 25% off sale so if you want a custom Mattes, now is fo sho the time. Code is SAVE25.

Ok, moving on.

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If there’s one thing this Rona situation has taught me for sure, it’s that real pants are overrated. Real pants being pants that have zippers and/or buttons, of course. I’ve been living in leggings, and it does not suck. Pretty much all I do is switch back and forth from my “house leggings” to my riding tights. My fat rolls have never felt so liberated.

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It has made me convinced that I need another couple pairs of riding tights. I’ve really grown to love them because they’re more comfortable for doing barn chores in too, so I don’t feel like I have to constantly change pants. The ones I have (Ovation Aerwick) also have a pocket on each side, which I love. I keep my phone on one side and usually have treats or a hoof pick in the other. The only things I don’t really like about the Aerwick are the waistband (it’s elastic) and the slight shininess of the fabric. I’d really like something that was more like a yoga legging, with a wide waistband and regular stretchy sport fabric. And since the collective hive mind of the internet is better than one person with google, I figured I’d ask for suggestions here.

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This is what I’m looking for (and yes I’m being really specific, because if I can’t find some just like this then I’ll take the easy way out and buy more Ovations).

Must have features:

  • a phone pocket on each side
  • knee patch, not full grip (or would even be ok with nothing, like a regular athletic legging)
  • no seam up the inside of the leg
  • wide waistband
  • under $65
  • burgundy and hunter green (would settle for dark gray. I have enough navy and don’t want black or anything bright)
  • don’t sag
  • no cotton
  • aren’t see-through

So far I think the only ones I’ve found that meets all that is the Aztec Diamond ones, although they only have burgundy. Are there any out there that I’m missing?

31 thoughts on “Matchmaker make me a match

  1. I did not love my Aztec Diamond leggings. The elastic in the waist separated and the stitching in the front (not even the crotch) popped out/came unstitched really quickly (and it wasn’t that I was too fat, because this happened in both a pair that was too big and a pair that was the correct size). I did like riding in them, though. Granted, this was the older version, so they may have improved, but the experience seemed worth sharing. I’ve liked my other pants from them, but the leggings were not a winner. Honestly, if I still have them, I’ll send them to you. (How awesome am I, offering to give you something that I’m over here saying kinda sucks?)


  2. I don’t know the US price but I have had a lot of the tights and the horseware ones are the best imo. I have 5 pairs and they are all I wear in the summer now, I’m actually wearing them now as my work from home outfit LOL. They’re so friggin comfy. I have a big butt tho so might not work for those less booty inclined.


  3. I love the Irideon Synergy tights! They don’t sag or ride down, super comfortable, come in dark gray, and 2 great pockets. They are a little more than $65, but I find them on sale quite frequently.


    1. Irideon Synergy was going to be my suggestion too! They’re pretty much all I wear to ride. Like you said, more than $65, but you can catch them on sale. And if you order from Riding Warehouse there’s no sales tax for TX, so you’re saving some there!


  4. Aztec Diamond leggings aren’t the best in my experience, unless they’ve changed in the past three years. The ones I have are shiny material that show literally everything and they run super small. Like make you feel bad about yourself kind of small lol

    They don’t fit the price or the double pocket requirement, but Noble Outfitters balanced riding tights are amazing. They have hunter and burgundy knee patch, pocket on the left, wide waistband, aren’t shiny and feel like normal yoga pant material, have a sock bottom, a higher rise that never falls, plus they have the euroseat seams that make the booty look good. I really love mine. They feel like yoga pants you can ride in and help me not die during Florida summers.


    1. I’ve looked at the Noble Outfitters ones quite a bit but don’t like that weird cargo looking pocket and it’s location. I need to think about it more and see if I can get over it.


  5. They don’t meet the $65 requirement but botori riding tights are super comfy and have the double pockets. I wear mine even when I’m not riding

    I do know that botori collaborated with tried equestrian and made a limited edition tight for them that is a bit lower in price, but if I’m remembering correctly it is a black tight with teal knee patch which is not in your colors. The regular botori website has a range of colors.


    1. Yeah Botori is a bit disappointing in both color and price. They have some green ones I don’t hate but I just cannot bring myself to spend $110 on a pair of tights when I like my $35 ones just fine.


      1. I must be the only person who doesn’t like Botori. I’ve tried two different styles from them, and they both sag. I feel like the material is kind of slippery too.


  6. We have some of the Horseware tights in the tack store, along with a few of the Ovation Aerowick and the Noble tights. I own two pair of the Ovations and they’re really nice for the price, I haven’t tried on either of the other brands though. The Horseware tights do come in navy, but unfortunately that’s not one of the colors we have in the store.


  7. I don’t know if you’d be interested in these, but I bought these and they’re my new fav pants to wear, especially since it’s been in the 80s here in Vegas. They’re $26 for a pack of 2 on Amazon, and unfortunately they don’t have 2 pockets, just the one. I do wish they had a second, but they’re so comfy, not see through, and I’ve taken to riding in them. They do have a seam inside the leg, but it sits way back on your leg, and I’ve never had an issue with them in or out of the saddle, and my legs are super particular about seams lol. Give them a look and see what you think 🙂


  8. I’ve recently been riding in my normal exercise leggings, which might be worth a try since you don’t care about having knee patches. Both Old Navy and Senita have pockets on both sides, and the quality is much better than any actual riding tight’s I’ve purchased, including my beloved Horseware tights that have both recently had pocket blowouts. I especially like a forest green pair I got from Senita. They have a very small inside seam, but it’s balanced out by how sturdy the pockets are and how wide the waistband is.


    1. I’m using gap and old navy ones right now too. They’re cheaper and better quality than the equestrian specific ones I’ve tried. I got a pair from old navy with zipped pockets on both sides and they’re my favorite thing right now – I think they were sold as ‘street leggings’ maybe? Whatever the case, the pockets are big enough for a phone and the zipper makes it look a little more finished than the cargo pant look.


  9. Just coming here to say I am in love with the LeMieux athletic wear tights. They aren’t what you’re looking for, but damn that wide ass waistband is comfortable and flattering AF. Also they wear like iron. That is all. I hope this PSA finds the person it’s meant for, lol.


  10. I’ve had a pair of Shires leggings for nearly four years and they are my absolute favorite pair of pants overall. Good for riding, running, lifting, chores, swimming, work, errands, clubbing, brunch, and more. I can’t find the specific pair I have anymore, but Shires makes a lot of other leggings that are likely to fit your requirements 🙂


  11. I like the Kerrits Icefil tights. I basically live in them all summer. They are full Seat silicon, but the silicon isn’t sticky AT ALL. It’s actually really annoying to me as I have to change if I’m going to jump, but the lack of stickiness might work for you.


    1. I’ve not been a fan of any of the kerrits breeches or tights that I’ve tried. They don’t seem to have the colors I’m after either, unfortunately.


    1. I was just going to recommend the same tights. I just got mine so I can’t speak to their durability but got them on sale and added customization which is awesome


  12. I REALLY need to stop reading your blog…..I’ve been after a shimmable half pad with front AND rear sheepskin for ages (mine only had front trim and it slides everywhere on the back side….which could be solved with a saddle that actually fit, but given I use it 1-3 times a month, for an hour each time, that’s an investment I’m not willing to make…..). And now you’ve given me the ability to get one for less than $100. You’re a bad influence on my wallet!

    As for tights, Kerrits are my go-to, but it sounds like they’re not your cup of tea.


  13. I reviewed my PSOS ones over on my blog… They match *most* of your requirements (I think a bit more than $65 but I wouldn’t think much more with the exchange rate). Mine do have a full seat, but I think there could be just the knee patches too. Other than that have you looked at Black Horse or QJ Riding Wear?


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