Presto Wins Again

Presto is a butthole, in case anyone was wondering.

I officially admit defeat on the fly boots after my third time climbing over the no-climb fence at the back of the property to retrieve a discarded fly boot from the neighbor’s pasture. Such an ungrateful little turd. The duct tape helped for a few days but then he figured out the trick to quickly and easily removing that too, so… I quit. This is what I get for trying to do nice things for him.

But Henry has really seemed to appreciate his boots, and I took one pair of Presto’s and gave them to the older mare. I think I moved back up to the top of her hit list judging by the look she gave me, but she’s definitely not stomping nearly as much. I haven’t gotten brave enough to put the back ones on her yet, because I value my life.

It’s been a very wet spring so far here, with lots more rain in the forecast. It seems like it’s either raining all day or it’s 90 degrees, one or the other. It does mean that we’ve got some serious grass, lush and abundant and beautiful. And the pond has gone from a glorified puddle to almost topping it’s banks in spots. The frogs and turtles are delighted.


But it also means that the flies are out in full force, and we had such a mild and wet winter that they never really went away in the first place. These are some super-fly MF’ers too… like you have to spray them directly with fly spray to deter them. I’ve been coating all the horses in fly spray for turnout, going through about a bottle a week.

So last week when Riding Warehouse did a 15% off sale, I figured it was a good time to stock up. I tossed a gallon of Pyranha in my cart, and then went off in search of something else to meet the free shipping minimum (’tis my duty and honor to challenge myself to always meet the minimum). I couldn’t really think of anything else the boys needed, so I wandered over to the ever-dangerous New Arrivals page to see what was new.

This is always a mistake, I dunno why I do it to myself. I can’t help it. Have I ever learned? No, no I have not.

Of course, I found all kinds of good things.

Like this shirt.

And this stock tie (Which also comes in burgundy. And I guess white, if you’re boring.).

And these very British XC shirts (ok there are several colors and patterns but to no one’s shock I like the navy with stars the best).

And these new Tipperary MIPS helmets (daaaang Tipperary really upped their game).

And this really cool collapsible, portable slow feeder (I want it. Anyone tried it?).


I spent a long time going back and forth but ultimately – the shirt won. It was only $33. THIRTY THREE DOLLARS. Doesn’t really even count. Plus I’m a real sucker for a mesh sleeve.

shitty bathroom mirror selfie and no apologies

It’s super cute, I have no regrets. One of these days I’ll actually wear it… just seems too pretty and dressy for mucking stalls and hacking around the farm. I want to see how it looks under my green Motionlite too, because I’m kind of into subtly colored shirts under show coats. If any of us ever show again. Let’s not talk about that. Just click Add to Cart and you’ll feel better.

I also threw one of these rope halter hooks into my cart for Presto’s rope halter, to make it quicker/easier to get on and off. I’m not using his rope halter much these days, he’s graduated to his navy leather one, but it’s nice to have a quicker on/off when I do use it.

There were no delays with the order or the shipment, which is good, because I emptied my previous gallon of fly spray the day the new one arrived.

On the subject of flies, I noticed that Equizone (where I’ve ordered many things now, including my Pioneer boots, and my Mountain Horse boots, and my Le Cense bridle) is giving away one of those mega bug-eye fly masks.

I’ve been debating whether or not I think this style would stay on Presto. Because, surprise, he removed his regular style fly mask so much last year that I gave up on that too. This seems to be a theme with us. If nothing else it might be good for hacking Henry, especially during gnat season.

How’s the weather (and the bugs) where everyone else is? And – who has been doing a little bit of online retail therapy during quarantine? Fess up.

23 thoughts on “Presto Wins Again

  1. Those shoo fly boots really are great if they’ll leave them on. Presto doesn’t know what he’s missing.

    I really like that shirt and $33…what?? I may need to buy that soon. So far I have bought: a backpack/diaper bag, navy Roeckl gloves, Healthy Haircare moisturizer, an April shower power sponge, a major closeout ego7 shirt and I’m sure a bunch of other crap I didn’t actually need but wanted. To be fair, I am nearly out of the healthy haircare and my first pair of Roeckle met an unfortunate end in a stupid accident at the barn. Didn’t need the shirt though….or the backpack…..or the sponge. But all 3 things were under $100….does it even count??


        1. they’re definitely more rugged than the more open/weave fly mask material. It’s similar, but much tighter weave and thicker, since they don’t have to see through it. Considering how much Presto has yanked on those things with his teeth I’m really surprised they’ve held together.


  2. I got the Tipperary Royal helmet last year (same design as the MIPS one, but didn’t have MIPS). I love it! It looks really nice. So of course I ordered the MIPS one when it came out last month 🙂


  3. Weston went through three or four fly masks before I finally said “fine, SUFFER!” Now he has goopy eyes and is sad, and it’s his own damn fault.


  4. Weather is HOT. It’s been HOT since I moved here, and it will remain HOT until I leave. But, not too hot to avoid the barn. I’m definitely envious of your rain. It’s been super dry since December, and the Thoroughbred’s feet are not looking too . . . hot. Which means she gets her regular pedicure from yours truly. I guess her feet are worth the risk.


  5. Tipperary is one of the only helmet brands that FITS me, and I LOVE their Hybrid helmet for everyday wear. But showing in one, you look super out of place…but I finally bought a black one because I decided I was tired of my head hurting. And like 2 months later they came out with their Royal helmet, and I was bummed! And then like 2 months after that, I was chosen as a Champion brand ambassador, and their model that fit me best was the Evolution, so I now have that for a show helmet. I still wear my Tipperary for everyday wear though (shh, don’t tell the Champion folks….I do like their helmet, but I’m a trail rider, and trees destroy suede finishes so fast…so I wear the Tipperary on the trail so I don’t destroy the Evolution!)

    Anyway, heat? Bugs? What are those? It was finally nice yesterday (high of 72 degrees). Bugs aren’t out yet. 2-5″ of snow on the way this weekend.Typical Colorado spring…

    My retail therapy has been fairly small: I bought some Arctic Fox hair dye (Ritual!) on your recommendation, I bought some tea from a new online tea company, and your review of the Hylofit combined with the fact I learned I could sync the horse’s transmitter to my existing Garmin watch pushed me to finally buy one of those. So aside from the tea, it’s all your fault!


  6. Ugh, I wanted a similar shirt that was way too expensive last year. Now I want that one. At least it’s cheaper. And I’ve been drooling at the Tipperary Mips helmets. I am curious if it will fit my oval head. You should get one and report back.


  7. Oh yes, the money not spent on showing is burning a hole in my pocket! I got a pair of waterproof boots for bathing, gloves and a free saddle pad with my order (Dover). Have my eye on a girth and leather cleaner I want from SP but have tried to hold off. Somebody needed his teeth done so I did have to shell out for that.

    That new Tipperary is GORGEOUS. Looks like a Samshield with MIPS! I am getting a new helmet this year, definitely with MIPS, and now I’m super-interested in this one… but I don’t know if Tips fit me (I’ve only tried on a Sportage and that was a no). I am crossing fingers that IRH comes out with a MIPS helmet because theirs always do seem to fit.


  8. Autumn is here and has FINALLY cooled down a truly vile summer. We’ve actually had a bit of rain lately which has been so so good. Our paddocks are green again, I never thought I would see the day.

    The super hot dry heat had the flys out in full force, but the cooler weather and rain as summoned the biting flys. Bump was having a hump around the other day because they wouldn’t leave him alone (despite the fly spray coating him) poor dude. One also managed to find its way onto my damn eyeball while I was riding and have a good munch. That shit stung.


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