Presto Vlog #2 – March 2020

I had every intention of this being a short little 3 minute vlog update on what we did in March – ie Presto’s first handful of rides. But then I thought that just jumping into the rides without showing everything he’d done before that point to prepare wasn’t really an accurate, holistic picture. So it’s another kind of long one with a bit of backstory and SORRY I CAN’T HELP IT, I just thought that stuff was important. Part of seeing where he’s at now is also seeing exactly where he’s been to get here. I went back and dug up some video and pictures from stuff he did in his yearling and 2yo year, and I kind of explain my approach a bit. Then we get into video of his first, second, and fourth rides, all of which happened in March.


Once again sorry for being long-winded, and sorry that I was like two weeks late with this month’s vlog. I could come up with an excuse but really I just procrastinated on making the video because it’s time consuming and I didn’t feel it. I’ve been watching a lot of weird documentaries on Netflix instead and had to pull myself away for a day to make this.

Hope you enjoy! Thanks for watching.

16 thoughts on “Presto Vlog #2 – March 2020

  1. I think 10 minutes is a great length! Especially now when so many of us are living vicariously through you lucky folks who have your horses at home, longer is definitely great 😛

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  2. Another great Vlog- informative, interesting and with great footage! Loved the obstacle course that was shown. What fun obstacle ideas.


  3. I prefer the explanations and that video did not seem long at all! Keep it up it is so fun to see Presto’s progress!


  4. Presto sure is an opportunist And extremely intelligent. The vlog was the perfect length to watch while the terrorist I mean 1 year old was laying down. It’s hard to tell that Presto is so narrow when just seeing him from the side but I could really tell when seeing him head on. It’s gotta be an interesting feeling being on a horse that tall but that narrow.


  5. Great vlog. As others have said, 10 minutes is a great time length. I really admire how you have raised/handled Presto and the reasons why behind it. The confidence you have instilled in him shines through. It’s a pleasure to watch you two together. How does Henry feel about you riding Presto? Any jealousy?


  6. I just love him. And seeing you ride him and have so much positive to say about how things are going makes me so happy for you.


  7. What a GREAT job you did on this! Your edits are excellent and I am really enjoying hearing WHY you did/are doing things with Presto. I’ve never brought a long a baby and doubt I ever will, but it’s so interesting to listen and think about what things might have been skipped with horses I’ve known. Not too many holes in the horse I’m currently riding but oh boy have they been there in the past!

    It was especially cool to see and understand how your lunging in the light side-reins made such a difference. That is really good to know… the worst fall I’ve ever had was thanks to a spoiled mare who enjoyed rooting and ripping the reins out of her rider’s hands. Her owner let her do it her whole life and it sure didn’t end well for me. Not that I think Presto would be deliberately naughty down the road, but best to teach them straight away that they must accept contact!


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