Exploring the Neighborhood

Despite having been out at the new place for about 4 months now, I haven’t had much opportunity to really explore the area. First it was still super hot, then Henry was lame for a while, and it just didn’t happen. But now (knock on copious amounts of wood) Henry is back in regular work again, and we finally got the chance to do some poking around.

There’s a boarding barn pretty much right across the main road from us that recently opened, and they’ve got a covered arena, a decent size outdoor arena, and a lot of land. Fun fact, Sadie did her very first little show there as a 3yo literally a decade ago when the farm was under a different name and management, but I hadn’t been back since then and didn’t remember a whole lot about it.

we did “hunter versatility” which was basically a little trail course followed by a few crossrails

Bobby mentioned wanting to go trail ride somewhere, so I figured this could be the perfect opportunity to go check out the farm. I’ve been following on facebook and it looks like they’re set to make some improvements, including clearing more trails for conditioning, adding some XC jumps (particularly ditch/bank/water), and putting in a rider gate right across from the stop sign at the end of our road. That would make it all of a 200-300 yard ride to get from our gate to their property. Considering I want to spend most of Presto’s first year under saddle just hacking him out and trail riding, easy access to 80 acres would be a big boon. Plus it would give me a bigger space to do Henry’s conditioning work, or just get him out for a change of scenery. Naturally, I would like to be best friends with these people.

Presto was really excited to meet Halo again and put on his best arabian neck
Henry, not so much

So I made an appointment for us to hack over and ride out there on Sunday. Bobby trailered over to our place, and we got on and rode over to the other farm. On the way over we just rode down to their driveway, which is about half a mile down the main road. It isn’t a particularly busy road but the cars do tend to travel fast… luckily both our horses are well-used to road traffic, so it wasn’t a problem. I wasn’t super clear on exactly what was their land versus other people’s land, but once we got there we figured out that the one big empty front field actually has a gate out onto the main road that spits us out really close to my road, letting us avoid that half mile walk down to the main entrance. Bonus.

The space kind of brought back memories of the fields we lost at the barn that closed last year. It’s slightly rolling, which I think will be super nice for my needs. These wide open spaces just make my heart so happy.

If you can see the green road sign in the distance, our place is like 2-300 yards down that road to the left. Super close! 

We managed to make almost a 2 hour hack out of exploring everything and poking around the farm. They’ve got great bones to work with, and lots of land, so hopefully their vision will come to fruition. It would be great to have an extra big place to go hack the boys, especially if they put XC jumps out there. What a luxury it would be to not have to drive 2 hours each way to do some cross country! There’s also talk of doing some schooling shows (there are already some western dressage ones – their discipline of choice – set for this year), which would also be amazing. In what world have I ever been able to be within riding distance of a show facility? It could be great for Presto especially, as I start putting miles on him.

Peep Halo’s burgundy sparkles

The facility is offering a one year riding pass for $125, which would be a pretty great deal if I utilized the space even just once a week. I’m excited to see how it comes along and what else they add. Bobby and I definitely had a good time poking around on a gorgeous 70 degree day!

12 thoughts on “Exploring the Neighborhood

  1. Oooh, haven’t seen that place in AGES, but it used to be a really nice facility. Glad they’re getting it back together again!


  2. That’s so awesome to have that so close! And $125 year riding pass is a great deal. There’s a barn in our area that offered a riding pass, but it was only 15 visits for $500. I couldn’t justify spending that much, especially since it’s a 30+ minute haul from my place. I’m still hoping that I can talk to some of our new neighbors and see if they’d be willing to let us ride in their giant hay field that butts up to my pasture.


  3. How nice is that!!! Does the pass include use of their arenas or just the 80 acres? Either way such a great facility to have across the road from you.


  4. So basically… the things you thought you lost in the move might actually be right down the road?! That’s pretty awesome! Hope all the plans come to fruition, because that would be so perfect for you guys!


  5. Nostalgic for those rust colored breeches 😍 they need to come back!! So much more flattering than tan on my thunder thighs!


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