Who’s buying?

Look who’s available for sale!


I mean, if we all put in $20, it would only take like… thousands of us to buy and import him from France. I’ve even got a friend over there who could arrange things for us (what up, Mimi?). Seems reasonable. Who’s in?

In other news, Sadie and Presto are headed to the breeding farm today for Sadie to be bred back to Mighty Magic. And since the breeding farm is only 2 hours away from me instead of Midland’s 5 hour journey, I’ll be going to visit Mr. Presto tomorrow! Brace yourselves for pictures.

what the boys have been up to this week

Plus Henry and I are XC schooling on Sunday (haven’t jumped in forever so how could this possibly go wrong?) AND look what arrived at Luxe EQ:

Gonna try to go pick them up this weekend, too. Plus I need to start thinking about packing and stuff for ROLEX because I leave next Wednesday!

20 thoughts on “Who’s buying?

  1. You have done such great advertising of MM it makes me want to breed from him but I’m deff not the right person for that baby! Whoever buys him is one lucky ducky!
    Those boots are stunning and it sounds like an awesome weekend – XC schooling and Presto visits leading up to Rolex is epic!
    Serious #fomo happening here


  2. Just out of (nosy) curiosity, how does it work with Sadie? Does she belong to you or willow tree? I’ve been a little confused since I saw their post about repeating the sadie x MM cross.


  3. So much good stuff in one short little post. So excited for you with those gorgeous boots! (No I’m not getting a pair just like them, shut up.)
    But more excited for your Presto visit. I can’t wait for more baby pictures!


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