Behbeh kisses!

On Saturday the mares and babies arrived at the breeding farm in Boerne where they’ll be staying until the mares are re-bred. Naturally I jumped at the chance to go see Presto and Sadie while they’re relatively close… it’s only two hours to Boerne instead of 5 hours to Midland, where they normally live. A four hour round trip is significantly better than 10.

Captain SideEye McFuzzyEars

By some masterstroke of impeccable timing, I managed to get there just as they were pulling into the driveway. We unloaded everyone and stuck them in stalls for a bit so they could relax (which the mares did not do because they were idiots and freaking out because they were separated). The babies seemed a little tired, but otherwise no worse for wear after their long trip. Presto should be a pro at this trailering thing soon, this was his 4th trailer ride in the 5 weeks he’s been alive.

Pro at cute

After they had their dinner we turned them all out in the pasture with the other broodmares and mare/foal pairs. That was initially a little exciting, but Sadie and Lissa kept themselves segregated and made sure the others knew to stay away from their babies. They stretched their legs and then finally drank some water and settled in to graze. The grass here in Boerne is legit compared to Midland.

Liam will perform acrobatics to reach it

Once they’d had some time to settle I went back out to play with Presto. He’s still the cutest. Zero bias here, of course.

Dis my stupid human. There are many like her but dis one is mine.

He’s definitely put on weight in the couple weeks since I saw him last. He’s starting to fill out and look normal again, to the point where he’s borderline chunky looking in a few places.

Well, not compared to Liam. Liam is the chunkiest baby ever created. Side note, still love how Liam’s mane is super straight and Presto’s is curly.

Next to Liam he still looks a little small, but compared to the other two foals in the pasture (who are also close to him in age) he’s normal size. Liam is just a monster, it’s useless to try to use him as a valid comparison. Overall though, Presto is almost to the point where you can’t really tell anything was ever wrong with him, aside from all the hair he’s missing on both ends. His neck from where his IV was, and his butt from where the diarrhea singed off all his hair. BUT, he’s about to start molting that foal coat, so soon he’ll be dark like Sadie and it’ll all blend in then grow back.

overgrown dog

He’s still super friendly and curious and likes attention, so nothing has changed there. He even tolerated lots of kisses from his 2 legged mom, which thank goodness he doesn’t seem to mind.

I think he already knows I’m crazy.

20 thoughts on “Behbeh kisses!

  1. he is definitely catching up (Liam the Godzilla foal notwithstanding LOL). I love him and love his expression and love that he loves people still. And we know you are crazy too so no worries there!


  2. That poor little abused nose!! Not your kisses, Liam’s work..
    Presto sure looks like a normal baby, it amazes me to no end that he hasn’t become standoffish due to his ordeal.
    What a character!


    1. A little. Moreso when he’s a bit older and his proportions start to even out. I’m happy with what I see so far though. I don’t want dressage type of extravagance but he seems correct and a little flashy.


  3. My, Presto is so polite, letting you kiss him and all! If my filly had found my face so close to her face she would have removed it! She was a nipper, a biter, a turn-her-butt-to-you-and-kicker, a body-check-you-off-your-feeter from the word go. A right little brat. Of course, being the only baby on the place (long story) meant that half the world came to see and coo over her, and the clicking of cameras along the fence sounded like the finale of “A Chorus Line”. So – arrogant little princess, definitely.


    1. He’ll definitely turn that butt around sometimes and try to “play” but for the most part he really loves attention. I do think that being out in a herd has really helped his social skills, too.


  4. Aww ❤ and so happy to be reading this. Little boy had such a rough start! He looks great now tho and how wonderful to be looking forward to things like molting foal coats and all those other small but sweet milestones !


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