It’s not all bad

That’s a lie, it’s all bad. I’m bored and aimless with no Henny to ride and play with. Time is going by so slowly that I’m pretty sure it’s going backwards. But I have some really awesome friends who have offered me rides, and I’m slowly working my way through them. Starting with Violet of course, who’s owner is quite brave to let me ride her even after I confessed to the world that I wanted to steal her.

Some awesome blogger friends also sent me a great little “please don’t go any crazier than you already are” package… some coloring books, a kindle gift card, and a cookbook. Just coloring cuss words is fairly therapeutic.

The cookbook was timely, because I had even started cooking a few things. Mainly cookies, because cookies make me temporarily happier. That seemed like a lot of mess for so little reward, though. I mean, I can just go to the store and buy some Oreos for $3, no mess required. The cookbook has some fancy ideas (and all vegetarian!) that I might try to tackle this weekend, though… probably way better than whatever random crap I googled in a moment of desperation. Hopefully I don’t burn the house down.

One afternoon I also went to an actual human store and bought actual human non-riding clothes. But I only got two shirts (that were on deep discount) because who wants to spend money on non-riding clothes? What’s the point? That was a boring 15 minutes. I don’t know how people get all excited about shopping when the store literally has nothing horse related in it.

Having nowhere to be in the afternoons does free me up for a different type of riding, though. My bike has been seeing a lot more activity, which is good, because see above about cookies.

Hello again, old friend

I also went and did a really dumb thing and agreed to run a half marathon in January. I’ve been running again for the past couple months now (like 5k three times a week) so I figured why not… I don’t exactly have a lot else to do for the next couple months, and then the weather will be crap for riding, so I should have plenty of time on my hands.

So basically, yes, I’ve completely lost my mind. It only took a matter of days.

But I ran this particular half marathon a few years ago and it wasn’t that bad (I think my quads were literally broken for about a week, but they bounced back eventually). The majority of it is slightly downhill so it barely even counts. Right?

Image result for forrest running gif

Man I need my horse back, stat. Things are quickly spiraling out of control.



30 thoughts on “It’s not all bad

  1. It’s actually pretty impressive how fast you spiraled haha. I’m still bummed you aren’t going to feather creek although I guess we’ll see tomorrow what the vet says about Annie going 😐


  2. But those cookies look delicious! Powdered sugar and everything, you over-achiever. I fucking love Thug Kitchen and hope you enjoy it! Also, do you get free post-it notes at every mile? Because 3M.


    1. You get a really random smattering of 3M office supplies in your competitors packet. Last time I had a few different kinds of tape, post-it’s, notepads, etc. Oddly useful.


  3. hah good for you signing up for a half.

    im doing my first half in november and i already hate it so much i never want to do it again. which im sure will change when i have the glee of finishing.

    it sucks when your horse is broken. but hey, at least you are not broken!!!


  4. Totally feel your pain. I too, spiral out of control impressively fast.
    My mare is lame and my gelding is at a show with my trainer. I am stuck at home because my puppy is getting unexpected surgery. It’s only been 2 days and I’ve already pulled one of my husband’s polo ponies out of the field and am taking it over baby jumps…..

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    1. I’m pretty sure you do not feel anyone’s pain, because you have a husband with polo ponies!!??!! Tell me, how does one find a husband with polo ponies? I would like to have one of those. I already have a husband, but he does not have polo ponies. He has a springer spaniel named Jerry who farts in our mudroom.

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  5. At this point you’re more like a tornado – you aren’t just spiraling, you’re pulling others into the crazy with you (see half marathon).


  6. Well, the last time I had broken horses for over a month, I ended up with a new horse. So….it could be worse? HA!! I feel your pain though, cookies do make it a little better. Marathons not so much.


  7. Just don’t take up knitting. It is hard as f*ck, expensive, and not at all rewarding when all you have to show for hours of work are lumpy, itchy mittens. Who the F wears mittens, anyway?


  8. When is Henry’s projected return to work date? Sounds like you are keeping busy… could be worse than cookies, running/biking and buying clothes from the human store.


  9. Ugh. Half marathons. I’ve run five. They were all awful. The last one worst than the others, hence there’s been no six yet.
    I’m not sure what’s worse… having a broken pony you can’t ride, or having three broken ponies that you still have to ride? I’m not sure either is worse than the other. It’s all expensive and boring.


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