The Aussies are bringin’ it

When someone says “latest equestrian fashion”, Europe is probably the first thing that springs to mind. And to give them credit, that’s undoubtedly where most of the best stuff comes from. Some of the weirdest, too, for sure, but they still seem to be the masters. I have noticed a few interesting new brands popping up over the past couple years though – out of Australia, of all places.

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Valentine Equine was probably the first to hit my radar. They love lace and so do I, so it’s probably no surprise that I’ve followed them. Some of their stuff is a bit “out there” but some of it is pretty cute… just like pretty much every other brand I know. They seem to always be trying to innovate and come up with unique things (and they do custom anything), which makes them fun to watch evolve. They also have a 20% off code for the next few days – SPRING20 – and super reasonable international shipping.


Another higher end brand that I came across recently is Mrs. Tutton. They describe themselves as making shirts meant to be worn “stable to street” and have one show shirt in particular that I’m pretty in love with (because if you put leather piping on something, I want it. Period. Make it navy and it’s all over.). There are a few other casual things that I’d totally wear, too, since we seem to have the same taste in colors.


On the more affordable side of the spectrum is Black Horse, which has a full line of riding clothes plus some casual wear and accessories. Their stuff follows a lot of what’s pretty popular right now – contrasting trim, bling, silicone grip breeches, etc.  Most of it is in the $50-140 price range, when converted to USD. Even the coats are under $200.


Emcee Apparel falls in the middle of the road, price wise, and they’re definitely not afraid of bold color or a pattern. They mostly have shirts, with a smattering of other pieces as well, ranging from super tame to super bold. They even have some VERY BRIGHT show shirts that may or may not blind the judge, if that’s a tactic you’re interested in. I love it.


These are just a handful of the Australian apparel brands that I’ve seen on the market lately… maybe we should keep a keen eye on those Aussies?

18 thoughts on “The Aussies are bringin’ it

  1. Spooks is out of Australia too, and they too have some great stuff. There’s definitely a lot of great stuff from that whole Australia/New Zealand area!


  2. I’ve been wanting a Valentine Equine shirt for over a year now to go with my lace Aztec Diamond. And here you are, waving a coupon code in front of my face. Damnit ho.


  3. In my ebay stalkings over the years, I’ve seen tons of really different (usually in a good way) items from Australia that aren’t available in these parts. I’ve only recently been brave enough to actually order from over seas sellers, so I haven’t actually hit the buy it now button on any of it. But I agree, I’m pro Australian equestrian fashion.


  4. This is so funny, I’m Australian and I’m constantly seeing lovely things in North America that I’d love to get my hands on if it weren’t for the astronomical shipping fees!


  5. I now get the “Smartpak…just NO” commentary. Mailed my returns last Weds, only just got an notification of receipt and was told it would take “several days” for my returns to actually be refunded. Blergh!


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