Review: Vantage Equestrian Lifestyle

This is probably not the first time that many of you are reading about this brand. Some other bloggers have already reviewed a couple of items, mostly because they’re more timely and on top of things than I am. That and I have this strong desire to try my best to absolutely beat the crap out of something before I review it. I used to work in Quality Assurance, after all, where I literally got paid to try to break things (ironic twist: now I get paid to fix things…).

I’m also albino?

I’ve had my Vantage Equestrian Cross Country t-shirt since June, and have worn it quite a bit. I’ve ridden in it, worn it to work, worn it out and about in the real world, and washed/dried it a bunch.

Even though it’s “just” a t-shirt, I’m still as picky about it as I am about anything else. I want a good fit (not too tight but not too baggy), I want it to be comfortable, soft, wash well, and I want the graphics to be long-lasting. I don’t want it to fade or have threads coming out after just a few washes, and I definitely won’t buy a shirt that is boxy or feels cheap. Plus we’ve all seen the gross after effects of cheap screen printing – no one wants cracked, peeling graphics . Vantage uses American Apparel women’s cut shirts for the shirt I picked (some other designs offer the unisex cut, if you prefer that) so I’ve been quite happy with it. It’s soft and fits nicely and the lettering is still holding up perfectly despite my abuse. So far, so good!

Design wise, I think the Cross Country shirt is pretty cute, and they also offer hunter and dressage versions of it as well. I like watching non-horse people try to figure out why the hell I like ditches and coffins and banks so much, and what the hell they could all possibly have in common. For this reason, wearing it to work is my favorite, because confusing people is fun.

Aside from t-shirts, Vantage also has pillows, mugs, and some Lainey Ashker merch. Their stuff would make cute, inexpensive gifts, or a fun little Treat Yo’self item if you’re looking to meet your retail therapy quota without spending a lot of money. Everyone needs more horse stuff.

I also happened to notice that when you access their homepage there’s an opportunity for 15% off if you follow them on facebook or Insta. Just sayin…

12 thoughts on “Review: Vantage Equestrian Lifestyle

  1. Cute shirt. I admit, as a non-native speaker it took me a moment to get it, too.
    Also-I am sure I read on your blog where that cute belt is from but cannot find it in the Review section.. Help??


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