Pics from MeadowCreek

We could also call this post “The Rollercoaster of Henny Emotions” or “How Henny Feels”, because his facial expressions are dead giveaways for what he thinks about each phase.

PS many thanks to Erin Roane for taking these, it is much appreciated! Having memories from your horse’s first Training is important when you’re a crazy horse mom.

First we have Dressage “This, it be Dumb” Henry:



Sassy tail is in dire need of a dye job
Trainer has a good sense of humor about it, at least! Or maybe she was smiling because she was almost done…

Getting happier… focused stadium Henry:


Damn start/finish standard in the way
laser sharp squirrel ears

And then of course – Henny on XC, the happiest Henny of all:

Possibly my favorite picture of him EVER – jumping into the water
Landing… can you tell he loves water?
And jumping out – bye water!

I might be slightly biased, but XC Henny is really freaking cute. Also, Trainer’s leg is about 9 billion times better than mine. Damn her.


29 thoughts on “Pics from MeadowCreek

    1. Not so much to do with the level and more to do with the weather. It was very very hot – 96 degrees with about 50%+ humidity. It was a his first time wearing one, but I figure if he’s going to compete in the summer, every bit helps. Especially since he already has a respiratory issue that we have to work around. He’ll wear one both weeks of Coconino too, since the elevation is so high. The more air he can get, the better!


  1. Congrats on first Training, hopefully that will be my pony and I this fall. Couldn’t help noticing, different jump saddle? Looks like a Devoucoux mono flap? Sorry, don’t mean to come across as stalkerish, I’ve been reading and enjoying your blog for a while. 😂


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