What do I do with these?

I’m a big fan of USEA and all the perks that come with my membership – especially their Medal Program. I dunno why, but it’s really fun to fill out that form and get a little something back in recognition of your horse’s accomplishments. I can’t resist any opportunity to add to my Henny Shrine.

Granted, they accidentally sent me a second BN Silver Medal instead of our Novice silver medal. 

Except now I have a lot, and I don’t really know what to do with these certificates and medals. Propping them up on the dresser in the guest bedroom was ok when there were only a few, but now I basically have a whole herd of them and they’re taking over. I can’t stand to throw them out, and it seems a little sad to pack them away in a binder or something. Seems equally weird to frame them all and put them on a wall, considering there are so many. What else can I do with these things?

the folders are cool 

The medals too – they’re cute little pins that I can’t figure out what to do with either, and I’m pretty sure I already lost one. Surely there’s someone out there with a brilliant idea that encompasses both the certificates and pins, yet doesn’t look goofy?

And no, I won’t stop applying for awards every time we qualify for one, so this is gonna be an ongoing thing. I’m an addict for stuff that shows how awesome my horse is.

30 thoughts on “What do I do with these?

  1. Okay this is going to be a puzzle i am going to have to think this one over……what material are the certificates? like cardboard stock. if i were you with them i would pick up a scrapbook/photo book that will fit and put them in there (in order of course 🙂 you could even get a cloth bound one and put the pins on top of the outside of it. Just a thought. PS I like the folders too 🙂

    LOOK at all of those. You be crazy 🙂

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        1. Holy cow did i miss that one. Going back to look…JEEZ i am an idiot. LOL I think i saw the quick snap photos but didnt really read the blog meant to go back to it (DARN WORK:)) thanks


  2. For the pins, what about putting them on your show coat? I know a lot of dressage riders love displaying their bronze or silver medal pins on the lapel of their coat.


      1. I certainly wouldn’t put all of them on your coat, but I don’t think you would look bad at all with one or two of them on your coat. Lots of upper level riders display pins on their coats.


  3. I once made a cork board collage of ribbons/certificates/medals for a friend who had too many to know what to do with. Maybe you could do something similar, but with pictures, etc? And it would be open to just pin more awards on as time progresses.


  4. Maybe you can find a big thick scrapbook binder and catalogue the folders and medals all in that? Maybe you’ll need a couple of them… 😉 Then you can keep the binders in your library with its rich mahogany shelves and leather chairs. 😉 ….I don’t know, I have the same problem, although I don’t have nearly as many as you. The ribbons are hanging in the tackroom of my trailer and someday when I have my own barn (a girl can dream), they’ll go in that backroom. The trophies are in my bedroom, because I’m too embarrassed to display them anywhere else. 😀


  5. maybe do a shadowbox with the pins and one or two of the certificates that mean the most to you, and then scrapbook the rest of them. You could also stick a ribbon or two in the shadowbox and some photos.


    1. i was thinking shadowbox too – with maybe the certificates serving as a background / wall paper type thing, with the pins and maybe a ribbon (or a few haha) and pictures filling out the space. anyway let us know what you do!


        1. awww c’mon now. i managed to put a reasonable shadowbox together with only the help of my cat and a generous application of wine. and even blogged about it! just buy the box, stuff the stuff in in there, and ta da!!


  6. I would do a cork board for the pins, covered in satin ribbons or cloth in your signature navy/yellow colour combo.
    I would frame those certificates that are the most special (if you can decide on a few, that is) and put them up on a wall, fo the rest I’d get a cool binder….

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  7. I pinned my Gold Medals to my dressage coat and my SJ coat. They look excellent as lapels! Then, tragically, I accidentally left all my show clothes behind at our old house when we moved… which was utterly heartbreaking. Still have all the certificates though, framed and on the wall.


  8. Since you’re already displaying them on a dresser, why not just get a sheet of glass cut to fit the top of the dresser, and put them underneath. That way they still get displayed, but you can overlap them and they aren’t in the way. I used to do this with photos on my dressers.

    A lot of times, if you ask the guys at hardware stores (or know a guy) the glass is fairly inexpensive to get and cut.


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