Small Business Spotlight: Art by Candice

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Small Business Spotlight post, but since I’ve been on a bit of a “holiday gift ideas” roll this week, now seems like a great time to post about Art by Candice. Some of you have probably seen this picture here on the blog, on my Instagram, or on my facebook page.


That painting should look familiar to you for other reasons as well, because it’s from one of my favorite photos ever – me and the Belgian Warmblood stallion Valentino Z. My friend Michelle had the painting made for me by Candice Smith as a Christmas present last year, and I absolutely adore it.


Candice Smith is the artist behind “Art by Candice” and is based out of Midland, TX. She offers a few different types of work and can create something to suit any style, from Realistic

to her very popular Posterized

to the more “funky” Geometric.

She also isn’t limited to just horses; Candice does dogs and people as well.

The best part? Prices start at a very reasonable $55. Options, pricing details, more examples, and an explanation of her 3 different styles of work can be found on her website. Art by Candice also has a facebook page with lots of photos of her work, and an Etsy page with original pieces and prints. She was kind enough to take the time to answer a few questions about herself and her business, so we can get to know more about the woman behind the art.

How did you get into art and painting?

Well I started out like most artists, just drawing, and I moved up through all the mediums til I found the one I like. I stopped at acrylic and it’s pretty much all I use, I will occasionally use oil but it’s rare. Acrylic is my go to method. I have always been an artist and not until about 4 years ago did I start commissioning work. I have also painted a couple murals in orphanages in Kenya. I paint pretty much anything but I’m primarily an equestrian artist.

What is your background in horses?

Like painting I have always had horses and shown. My dad trained race horses and bred quarter horses and paints, so I grew up with them. He got out of the horse business when I was about 14 but I never did. I rode western til college then went to English and have been showing in that ever since. I have a sweet spot for ottbs and that’s been my last couple of horses. I have a 4 year old that is just coming up on a year off the track. We are trying to take a whack at eventing. I think he has huge potential for it.

What is your favorite type of piece to create?

I completely prefer horses, and the bigger the canvas the better. I also like pieces of the horse instead of the whole body. Like extreme close up of a horse going over a jump or body parts. Those are my fav.

120 x 35 acrylic

Tell us more about yourself and your future plans

I’m a working single mom trying to juggle my horses, my sweet boy and art. I am the Art Director at an art studio in Midland where we have an art school for kids and painting classes for adults. My plans for my art is keep painting. I plan to do a big exhibition in Dallas in November 2016. I hope for just more and more people see my work.

If you’re interested in having a piece commissioned by Art by Candice for Christmas, the cutoff date for orders is November 15th! I can speak from personal experience that her paintings make great presents.

12 thoughts on “Small Business Spotlight: Art by Candice

  1. I absolutely love her work!!!! It’s very rare for me to like every single piece that someone does. I love everything I have ever seen from Candice!!! She is very good at not only creating a “pretty picture” but actually capturing the essence of the subject. Again, love love love her work!!! (:


  2. Very cool style! I am always afraid to do things like that and I have so much respect for people who can pull it off so well. I tried it once for a self portrait assignment on a ceiling tile. It may or may not have had a skeleton dancing on a hill of skulls behind me in it. It was…interesting.


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