I don’t know where to start

It occurs to me that I haven’t done any review posts in quite a while. This is because review posts are work, and I am lazy. But since we’re ankle deep in mud and it’s raining again as we speak, I figured maybe now is the time, especially since we’re going into the gift-giving and list-making season.ย However, while I know that I promised review posts to a lot of people on a lot of things, I don’t remember what or to whom. So here’s a list of all the stuff I can think of that I have that might be of interest. If there are things on here that you want reviews of, let me know and I’ll bump them to the top of the list. And let’s be honest, I’ll probably never get to the rest of it… so speak now or forever hold your peace.

Samshield, Kastel merino sweater, Noble Outfitters vest

Noble Outfitters Ringside Backpack

Equiline Alice show coat

La Valencio breeches

Devon-AIre Signature breeches

PS of Sweden 3 point breastplate

Book: Modern Gymnastics by Jimmy Wofford

Book: World Class Grooming

Harcour crystal gloves

Jeffers tendon boots

Dressage Sport Boots

PRI Eventer pad

Airowear Outlyne body protector

Dublin River boots

Lister Star clippers

Total Saddle Fit calfskin leathers

Kastel merino wool 1/4 zip sweater

Lorenzini/Schockemohle Titanio stirrups

And anything else that I’m forgetting, of which I’m sure there’s a lot. Once I get to play with my Samshield more I was thinking of doing a GPA Speed Air vs Samshield comparison – any interest in that as well?

29 thoughts on “I don’t know where to start

  1. I know I’ve already asked more than once, but please review the back pack. Also, please review the 3-point so I don’t have to because I keep forgetting.


  2. Sooo… I tried on one of the Kastel merino jackets, and I wasn’t 100% sold immediately (zipper placement is not slimming). But that may have been because the shop didn’t have the green in stock. So… TELL ME YER THOUGHTS!


  3. Another one asking about the Devon-Aire breeches! TS don’t fit me, alas. If the waist fits the thighs and seat are baggy. SmartPak Pipers pretty much the same, although they were closer – too baggy from the knees down. So I’m still on a breeches-that-don’t-cost-$300 hunt!


  4. Ooooo I’ve been eyeing those Jeffers boots. I’d love to see a review of those. I’d also really like to see the 3 point breastplate and the stirrups.


  5. I’m curious how the MDC stirrups compare to the Lorenzini ones. And would love to know if there are really helpful grooming tips or not in the grooming book. Jimmy Wofford’s book is probably amazing anyways so I don’t know if you need to review it or just tell us if it’s amazing and that we need to get it stat ๐Ÿ˜‰ oh and the Jeffers boots! Currently looking for open fronts so that would be helpful!


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