Weekend recap: so much duct tape 

Oh, Henry.

The farrier came out on Wednesday to re-shoe Henry. Coincidentally, Wednesday was also Day 1 of my 5 day trial period on the Childeric dressage saddle. It then makes sense, of course, that when I showed up after work on Wednesday, mere hours after the farrier had left, Henry had already removed a front shoe. How he does these things, I don’t even know, but it’s a real talent.

My tools of the trade for the past few days. Sadly the pop-tarts themselves were not involved, only the box.

I was able to do a short w/t/c ride on Wednesday, since he hadn’t had time to make himself sore on that foot yet. Then it rained (yes, again) and the turnouts were too muddy for them to go out anyway, so it kind of worked out for the sake of his foot. By Saturday Henry was sore on that foot despite being inside, but he was also looking stocked up and stir-crazy, so I wrapped it, threw an Easy Boot on, and did a very short walk down the road. Even just walking on a smooth surface he managed to pull the Easy Boot off twice, so I gave up on riding at that point. At least the stocking up went away, even if the half-crazed look remained.

The farrier is supposed to be out today to replace the shoe. If it’s not on when I go out after work then this might be my last blog post, because I’ll be in prison for strangling the farrier with princess, tie-dye, flying pig, bacon and egg, or mac & cheese duct tape. Maybe all of them.

luckily I have a lot of fun duct tape to choose from

The rest of the weekend was decidedly non-horsey. On Saturday night we met my dad for Indian food to celebrate the SO’s new promotion/raise. Then we went back to my dad’s house and went through some stuff he’s uncovered as he’s been going through my mom’s stuff, including one of my old Girl Scout uniforms. New mission: figure out what all of these patches were for! The only one I remember is the second one from the left on the bottom row. Guess why? That badge marks the beginning of my entire riding career, believe it or not. Who new what an innocent trail ride with my Girl Scout troop would end up leading to.

On Sunday SO and I went for brunch for the first time in forever, to a place we hadn’t tried before. They had a “Build your own Mimosa” thing where you got a bottle of champagne and then your choice of 3 juices. It was just as delicious as you would imagine.

blueberry lemonade, watermelon honey, strawberry basil

Oh and I had creme brulee french toast that looked like a piece of cake as big as my head. So much win.
Things are starting to dry out, so hopefully if Henry gets his shoe put back on today we can at least get a few rides in before the Hawley Bennett clinic this weekend. It’d be nice to not show up with a wild mustang…

7 thoughts on “Weekend recap: so much duct tape 

  1. hmm but how much fun the blog would be after the clinic if you DID have a wild mustang. I am just saying…. sorry he pulled his shoe and hope it gets back on today. Of course i would come visit you in prison…:)


  2. Wild mustang may make the clinic more interesting, for the people in your group at least! I hope he gets his shoe on STAT and can’t wait to hear about the clinic!


  3. that french toast tho… wow. i need that in my life haha. also what a bummer about the pulled shoes tho, seriously. my friend was having serious trouble keeping shoes on her gelding pretty much all summer and it just.. ugh it just sucks. good luck!


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