Henry: a horse show progression

I’m shamelessly stealing Lauren’s idea (much love to ya, girl) from last week because I thought it was brilliant. I’ve had Henry for a little over a year and half now and he’s come a long way from the obese pasture puff that walked off the trailer from Arkansas. Plus photo progressions are fun! I don’t have as many nice pictures as Lauren does, and I really struggled to remember the shows and the classes, but I think I got it. Also I didn’t want to put up a million videos so I just included a video from his very first show, and then the video from stadium at his latest horse trial.

February 2014 – 2’3″-2’6″ jumpers

March 2014 – 2’3″-2’6″ jumpers

April 2014 – 2’6″-2’9″ jumpers

photo by Lauren Mauldin

May 2014 – 2’9″-3′ jumpers, 2’9″ hunters

hunter derby – photo by Lauren Mauldin
jumpers – photo by Lauren Mauldin

September 2014 – eventing derby, BN

photo by Lauren Mauldin

November 2014 – USEA recognized horse trial, BN

April 2015 – USEA recognized horse trial, BN

I only got two pictures from this whole event, soooo a late one is all you get

May 2015 – USEA recognized horse trial, BN

May 2015 – 3′-3’3″ jumpers

May 2015 – USEA recognized horse trial, BN

June 2015 – USEA recognized horse trial, Novice


Looking at the video from his first show, I had honestly forgotten just how horribly overflexed and balled up he used to get, and how difficult it was to fix. Nothing like cantering up to a fence thinking that your horse might not actually be able to see it. He’s much easier to ride now that his head/neck/shoulder has come up and he can keep the power coming forward. Out of all the project horses I’ve had (11, but who’s counting) I’ve never had one where I had to get the poll UP and nose OUT. Henry enjoys being abnormal.

It’s also hilarious how the coal cart jump from our April event looked a little worrisome to me at the time, and now 2.5 months later I’m like “It’s so cute and little!!!”. Perspective and miles change everything, even in a short time.

It occurs to me that I should probably go to a dressage show at some point… it’s kind of the one thing we haven’t done. Whatever. Rectangles are scary.

23 thoughts on “Henry: a horse show progression

  1. Rectangles ARE scary: they have 4 sharp points.

    LOVE these pictures! Henry has completely transformed since he walked off the trailer 18ish months ago. Best $900 you’ve ever spent, amiright? 🙂


  2. Wow, I remember watching that video of your first jumper show but I’d completely forgotten about it. It’s intense seeing the change all compressed like this. It hardly seems like the same horse!!


  3. I work a lot on getting my horse’s poll up, reaching into the bridle and seeking the contact so this post gives me so much hope!! He will happily poke his nose on a long rein (as any good hunter should) but when you pick up the contact he ducks and curls, it’s a hard habit to undo. What an incredible job you’ve done with Henry!


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