I’m a grandma! and baby contest winner

Well, a horse grandma. Sadie’s baby was born last night at around 8:30pm – it’s a BIG bay colt! He looks like a little copy of mom, with the exact same little white sock and tiny speck of white on his forehead, and her trademark donkey ears. He’s gonna big a big, rangey dude. I’ll have more/better pictures later this week as he unfolds and they go outside, but here’s a few to get you started!

sadiebaby3 sadiebaby4 sadiebaby5 sadiebaby6


All went very well, it was a quick birth and he was trying to stand almost immediately. Sadie was also up quickly and passed everything in one piece. She’s being a great mom, totally loves him. You never really know how maidens are going to feel about the whole thing until the moment comes.

That brings us to the issue of who won the Baby Contest. It ended up being neck and neck. No one guessed the exact date but ONE person guessed June 26, so was only 2 days off. She got the color right and was only a couple hours off on the time, and missed the gender (don’t worry, initially everyone thought it was a filly too), but it was close enough! Congrats to ashequine! I cannot get to your blog page link so please contact me so I can get you your Riding Warehouse gift certificate!

26 thoughts on “I’m a grandma! and baby contest winner

  1. I think you meant June 26 NOT July 26 (HOW amazing would it be if that colt shared my birthday LOL). I think he is even bigger than Sadie was. And very handsome too (SHHH about his ears!) congrats to all. And of course Sadie is an awesome mom. I never doubted she would be. Congrats. When are you going to go see him?? Figures she would have it on a Sunday night rather than on Thursday or Friday so you could sneak away! 🙂


  2. Congrats to you, first and foremost!!! Holy freaking CUTENESS! Glad to hear both mom and baby are doing well and I hope you get the chance to go visit soon! Thank you for the fun contest! Not sure why my blog link isn’t working…that’s weird. I’m Abby from The Maggie Memoirs if you’re curious though lol – I’ll email you in a sec! Thanks you!!


  3. Such a QT!!!!!
    Love that falling asleep in the straw pic, babas are beyond adorable for that first sleep where they hang on & hang on but then succumb and nod off in the funniest positions before toppling over…so stinking cayute!!
    Any name ideas for the stud muffin?! 😉


  4. ahhh what a little doll!!! and Sadie looks quite good too – glad to see both are happy and healthy! many congrats to all involved 😀


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