HG Blog Hop: Every day tack setup

I was just thinking last week how sad it was that no one was really doing Blog Hops anymore… and here comes Hand Gallop to save the day, with a good one too.


“It’s fun to try new stuff and experiment with the latest goodies, but I’m curious to know what your every day tack setup is like.”

I love stuff. I especially love my stuff. Well most of it anyway. It’s taken me a long time to accrue a collection that I’m happy with.



Devoucoux Makila saddle – I love her. I love her so much. It seemed like it took forever to get here from Germany when I bought her on eBay, but she was worth it.

Total Saddle Fit calfskin leathers – I keep meaning to review these because I’m pretty “meh” about them, but they work.

Royal Rider flex irons – I think we’ve all heard quite enough about all my stirrups by now.

PS of Sweden Flying Change bridle – Another “love” item, especially with the blue Metallic Rock browband that now lives permanently on this bridle.

Nunn Finer Piaffe girth – finding the right dressage girth has been quite a journey… it took 5 different models of girths until I finally found one we both like.

Riding Warehouse logo dressage pad – a nice basic lighter weight everyday pad that was SUPER cheap, and I like being able to rep my favorite online tack shop in the process, so win-win.

Ogilvy dressage half pad – Henry likes his Ogilvy’s. I like my Ogilvy’s. Done.

Dressage boots – I don’t remember the brand, I bought them from SprinklerBandit. They’ve served their purpose perfectly, but I’m upgrading to these sooner or later. Because navy. He also lives in bell boots 24/7.

Bit – copper lozenge link loose ring.  That’s what he seems to like the most right now, so I go with it.



CWD SE02 saddle – I bought this used from France many years ago for a pittance and it’s been such a great saddle for me (and miraculously managed to fit every horse I’ve had pretty well). One day I’ll probably venture into the land of the monoflap, but for now this one is still trucking right along like a champ.

Schleese calfskin leathers – another eBay steal, many years old.

MDC S Flex irons – again,  I think we’ve all heard quite enough about all my stirrups by now.

PS of Sweden Olympic Revolution bridle – my favorite PS bridle. All the awesome features typical of PS but with classic, simple styling. It sports the Go Sweden browband… not because I’m a fan of Sweden in particular, just because it’s my colors.

PS of Sweden High Five breastplate – I always jump in a breastplate, personal preference. Usually the High Five but if I’m in a hurry sometimes I’ll use my Ovation.

random leather girth – I have no idea what brand it is, just that it’s leather with elastic on both sides, has a dee attached in the middle, and was $25 on English Tack Trader. All my favorite things.

Ogilvy jump pad – see previous note about Ogilvy’s. ❤

Bobbigee’s baby pad – I love all my custom Bobbygee’s pads.

Norton Boots – I usually put on his blue set of open fronts and hind ankles for jumping lessons, although sometimes he goes bare legged. In the picture he was bare legged because I was too lazy to walk to my car to get his boots.

Bit – He jumps in the same bit he does dressage in.

Conditioning work/hacking:


frankenbridle – my extra shitty Royal Sports head stall with a leather sidepull and fancy beta reins with blue rubber grips. It is one ugly mother effer of a bridle, but it works.

Otherwise he usually wears the same stuff that we jump in, but with the dressage boots.

Trying to take pictures of this horse alone is impossible, and I’ve learned he hates dress up. His attention span is about 3 seconds before he’s off hunting for food or glaring at me for changing his outfit yet again. The things we do for the sake of the blog…

the majestik thoroughbred
I’ve had enough of your crap, I’m out

13 thoughts on “HG Blog Hop: Every day tack setup

  1. Oooh, love all his outfits. And as I was readying, I was going “wow, you are prepared! I don’t think I have a single picture of my horse in an outfit!” Then I got to your bit about constantly changing. I don’t think GusGus would put up with it either. 🙂


  2. Is it weird that I kind of love his Frankenbridle? Maybe it’s just because the look on his face in that photo is like “Yeah so my bridle is weird whatcha gonna do about it?” Anyways I really think I need those reins for trail rides. I’m going to have to make Tucker play dress up so I can do this blog hop, it’s fun.


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