Call Me Master

This week has really gotten away from me. It’s busybusybusy season around here and sometimes I just plain run out of time to sit down and write. This blog post has been 4 days in the making. Let’s catch you up on the goings-on in Floridaland.

Breaking news: Fay is the cutest

Last week everyone got shots and coggins, which involved bringing Fay (did I mention we settled on the name Fay after Fay Presto? I don’t remember. Anyway, if I didn’t say it before, you know now.) out of the filly pasture at the back of the property and up to the front barn and into a stall. She was quite fantastic. Marched right away from all her friends without a care in the world, came happily into the stall, and proceeded to hoover two flakes of hay in less than an hour. She was slightly skeptical of being stabbed by the vet, but didn’t put up too much of a protest.

She has also worked her way to the top of the hierarchy in the filly pasture. I thought she might, because she was queen of the group at her previous home, but she had a power struggle with Teddy here for about a week. Fay now reigns supreme. Which honestly Teddy had coming to her because that pony is a bossy little thing and I don’t think she’s ever played second fiddle. I dunno what Fay did to win that one, but now if she so much as glares at the other fillies they all scatter. (I am secretly proud of this)

name that nose
name that nose part the second

I also got approval from the board of sBs to get her registration papers through them. Her dam is an imported Hanoverian and approved for breeding with Hano, but her TB sire has not done any breeding approvals yet so she didn’t have papers. Luckily he is JC registered, so we’re able to do DNA verification and all that, and as a TB he fits into the pedigree requirements of the warmblood books. I had to get special permission, but they granted it, so Fay will be able to get full papers and a passport issued from Belgium, to make her officially officially. Granted, her name will be on her papers as P-Simsalabim, because 2021 was a “P” naming year for sBs. I didn’t want to change the official name she was given, so its fine… her papers will just have a P in front of it. I made the joke that it’s Pssssssiiimmmsalabim like she’s a Parcelmouth. Apologies to the non-Harry Potter fans out there who have no idea what that reference means.

Michelle also arrived back in town last week with the rest of the WTW mares in tow. Now the whole crew is here, including SADIE!


It’s my goal to do some kind of photo shoot with Presto and Sadie at some point. I swear they recognized each other… Sadie doesn’t normally leave the group to come up to the fence but she does when I bring Presto over.

I’ve been working a lot on various projects, so otherwise nothing super noteworthy has happened. I’ve covered a couple clinics for EN (William Fox Pitt and Jonelle Price) and have been learning all about making WIkipedia pages (kill me), and getting some travel plans in order for the next couple months to cover some events (hello TerraNova and Kentucky).

We’ve had a jump lesson and a dressage lesson in the past week and a half, tweaking some things in between shows. Particularly on the flat. Honestly I think we’re nailing it. This is how it’s done.

“Helloooo? Judge at C???”
everything is a toy

Really he’s been great, and my favorite thing about him is that even toward the end of what’s been a fairly rapidfire show season, every single day he still meets me at the gate when he sees me coming. I joke that he’s the laziest feral horse I’ve ever ridden (because he is) but he really does love his work and learning and going places and doing things. Having one like that makes it all so much easier. Everything is fun when you’re Presto, even if it’s hard.

Which, also, I have to record this for the sake of posterity… there for a moment we found ourselves atop the USEA leaderboard for Training Master Amateur Rider.

Ok we’re still tied for first, but like I said – it won’t last long. Y’all know I think points-based things are silly, but it does make me proud of Noodle. He’s stepped up and shown his class.

On a related note, it was extremely rude to find out that I’m now in the MASTER category. What the actual fuck y’all. I thought I had a few more years. Kinda forgot I turn 40 this year until I saw that, and now I may or may not be having an existential crisis. It’s fine.

he too is skeptical

Thursday we’re showing at Ocala again and then depending on how that goes we’ll solidify our late spring plans. Either way I think we’ll take a break from shows for about a month probably, which is more for the sake of my brain than anything else. It already feels like it’s been a long season, and we’ve got plenty to work on in the meantime!

7 thoughts on “Call Me Master

  1. I vote that Nose 1 is Fay and Nose 2 is Presto, but Noses 1 and 2 are equally smooshable. Watching Presto go from strength to strength is one of the most satisfying things on the Internet ❤


  2. I hope Sadie remembers that presto is her giraffe son. With all the mares in Ocala now, is WTW making a permanent move to Florida?


  3. Horses absolutely DO remember each other! My horse grew up on a large ranch with a bunch of other horses. A friend of mine ended up with another one from the same ranch, from the same age group (hers is 2 weeks older than mine), so they would have run in the same pasture at the ranch. Both mares were sold from the ranch at age 3, to different owners in different states, before eventually making their way to us (in the same state but different parts). SIX YEARS later, my friend and I happened to be at the same competition, with the two mares. They looked at each other, called out, and basically dragged (as much as two 800lb Arabs can, anyway) us so they could greet each other. It was SO out of character for both horses, but they definitely remembered each other and were clearly friends as fillies on the ranch!

    Another example: A (different) friend of mine bred her mare and kept the resulting foal as her next horse. when the filly was 3, friend got into vet school and sent her older mare (the mama) to a different friend for a few years while in school so she wouldn’t have to board 2 horses. After school, when she took her older mare back, the filly (now 7) called out, squealed, ran to the older mare, and tried to nurse (uh, much to older mare’s chagrin, lol). She definitely knew her mama, ha.


  4. It’s cool though, once you hit 40 you can start aging backwards. I’m almost 37 again this year! Ha!
    Fay sounds like a really wonderful addition to the herd. I can’t believe she conquered Queen Teddy! I kind of think Teddy might be sitting back and just plotting her revenge…
    Glad things are going great with Presto!


  5. In addition to riding I also row crew, and in the crew world you’re in the Masters category once you hit age 27, so if it helps, you could have been a Master for 13 years now if you rowed! Lol


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