Foal Friday: The Return of Ball

We’re currently still awaiting the arrival of the second foal of the season (Blue’s got another week or so probably), so in the meantime it remains the Rihanna show. And honestly that show was starting to get a little boring, because this girl’s favorite two pass times are eating and sleeping. Enter, everyone’s favorite foal companion: Ball.

what dis?

Sometimes the fillies aren’t all that interested in Ball. They just often aren’t as playful as the colts, and after a sniff and a bite and kick they often wander away. Not so with Queen Ri. She approached it pretty bravely, gave it a good sniff, and then proceeded to unleash an arsenal of maneuvers on Ball.

First things first, according to RiRi… you gotta start small with a lick and a nibble. This is how she greets everything, including humans. I have been licked from top to bottom many times over by now.

mmmk…. I don’t think it’s food…

Maybe it’s for smooshing?


Hmmm… that wasn’t so satisfying either. Perhaps it’s meant to be used with your feet?

I stomps it

Ah, yes. Now we’re on to something.

Cue the aggravated assault.


Poor Ball. Once she discovered violence there was no turning back. That thing got kicked and pounced upon like RiRi was inside her own personal rage room.


She did jump it once too, in case you were wondering whether or not the breeding shines through on the babies.

After that Ball had to retire to his chamber for some much needed R&R (aka he had to leave before she murdered him or herself). I’m sure he’ll come back to visit again soon!

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