The Whole Kit (but no caboodle)

I’ve had a lot of questions lately from people wanting updates on my equipment – from my saddle to my XC colors to my helmets to my show coat. It definitely has been a while since I’ve done a full post about everything, and a lot has changed in the past year, so let’s go over it!

How about tack first, and then we can move on to outfits?

Dressage Tack

The show photogs here don’t take pics of the dressage phase so you’re gonna have to cope with a screenshot for that.

Saddle: Custom Wolfgang Solo with a short block, Bates webber leathers, and knock off Jin stirrups from Epplejeck

This is the saddle I picked up last year for a song and restored. It’s not like… my dream saddle or anything, but it works really well for both me and Presto. At some point when he’s done growing I’ll invest in something nicer, but for now I just get it checked by the saddle fitter every 6 months and so far so good. For what I paid for it, it’s been a great find. The Bates leathers I bought secondhand from someone many years ago – credit to them for lasting so long, they’re still going strong – and the stirrups I picked up on sale a few months ago because I wanted black ones on my dressage saddle. They come in a bajillion colors.

Bridle: Devoucoux snaffle bridle with a plain noseband, Dark Jewel Designs spike browband, and Thinline reins

I picked up this bridle used for an excellent price because I just love the look of the square raised, extra padded Devoucoux noseband. I also picked up the Thinline reins used, and really like how they feel in my hands on the flat. Granted, this bridle is starting to look a little abused so I’ll probably be shopping for a new show bridle in the not so distant future and retire this one to just daily use. I just have to find one that 1) I like 2) has a plain noseband, no flash. I can’t brain about that yet.

trying to take a pic of him in his bonnet before dressage and he was zero percent interested

Bit: Herm Sprenger WH Ultra Sensogan Snaffle

This is what Megan had been riding him in on the flat when she had him in training, and it was one of those “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” situations. I was able to find a used one in a 5.5″ on facebook for a good price, so that’s what he’s stayed in.

Bonnet: If the Bonnet Fits custom mesh bonnet

He also has a navy Willow Tree Warmbloods bonnet from Equine Bonnet, but since we’ve switched over to black he’s wearing his new ITBF mesh one. It’s very punk rock with the faux leather trim, glitter piping, and spikes.

Saddle Pad: Premier Equine Merino Wool dressage pad

I do like these Premier Equine pads with the integrated merino wool, although I liked them more when they were like half the price they are now. or when Premier still did coupon codes. I’m salty about how much more they cost now, and shipping prices went way up too. All the horses seem to like them a lot though, Presto included.

Girth: Nunn Finer Piaffe

I bought this one used forever ago for Henry. I’m a big fan of the sliding humane ends on a dressage girth, I think it makes it sit a lot better and conform to the shape of the horse. This one is nicely padded too.

Showjumping Tack

Saddle: Arion XC monoflap with Arion stirrup leathers and FreeJump Soft’Up Pro stirrups

I still absolutely love my saddle. I’ve loved it from day 1 and if anything I love it more now. The balance is great, the buffalo leather is grippy… it’s just perfection. 10/10 would recommend. I also love love my FreeJumps, I got them used for a good price and painted them navy. I guess I need to do them in black glitter now…

Bridle: Lund Figure 8 with a Dark Jewel Designs spike browband

I’m pretty sure Lund is out of business now, but this was Henry’s XC bridle back in the day. I didn’t intentionally choose it for Presto, it’s just one of those things where I had it and I started using it on him one day, and now that’s just what it is. At some point I’ll upgrade but for now it’s fine.

Bit: Myler Combination Bit

I talked about this mind-blowing thing a while back so I won’t rehash it all again, but I remain generally pleased with how Presto goes in this bit. He definitely responds best and seems happiest in it, with the pressure distributed between the nose, bars, and poll rather than just the bars or bars/poll. I don’t think this will be his “forever” bit, but for where we’re at now, it’s been really helpful for him. He’s a nose pressure kinda guy, it seems.

Saddle Pad: Premier Equine Merino Wool jump pad

Same thoughts as above, although I’m strongly considering switching to an Ecogold. I don’t like the shape of the Premier jump pad and considering how much sweatier he gets while doing the things that require jump tack, the stains from my saddle and the horse have been hard to get out of this cotton. My jump pad looks significantly more used and abused than my dressage pad does.

Girth: Micklem Comfort girth

This girth is just fine. I like the navy touches (even if I don’t wear navy anymore) and it’s soft against the horses. They seem to like it. Granted I think the quality looks cheaper than the price, and the little snap holding the d-ring on mine broke like day 2. I wouldn’t (and didn’t) pay full price for it, but it’s not awful.

Strapgoods: Generic running martingale and custom breastplate

My “Freedom” breastplate was handmade for us by a friend who also does leather work. Very hard to tell, but it has navy padding. I just love how it sits on him. As for the running… I honestly have no idea what brand it is, it’s a generic flat running martingale that I think I paid $30 for.

Boots: either none or Majyk Equipe Estrella leather SJ boots

It kind of depends on the day, how hot it is, what I feel like, how he’s been jumping, if we’re going straight to XC afterward, etc etc. If it’s super hot or he’s been lazy or we’re going to XC straight afterward, I tend to forego the boots for SJ or just put his XC bell boots on.

Accoutrements: If I wear spurs it’s usually the tiny rollerballs. I do carry a whip with him while jumping, which… I had been using my custom jockey whip (that I seem to have lost) but now that I’ve been borrowing Hillary’s 360 GT whip, I LOVE that one. The big foam popper is just right.. almost feels a bit like tapping them with a pool noodle lol. Will be getting my own.

Cross Country Tack


Pretty much all the same as above, except:

Boots: Premier Equine Carbon Tech Air Cooled Eventing Boots and no-turn bell boots

After using Majyk Equipe for so long, a brand I really do love, it was sad for me to have to switch. Unfortunately Presto is just kind of in between sizes for them, so either they don’t cover what they should, or they rub him. The Premier’s run a bit long, which is perfect for him, and so far they’ve been great. The no-turn overreach boots are a preference of my trainer, and I don’t care much about bell boot style either way, so we just rock those.

Alright, moving on to the clothes!

Dressage Outfit

deeply deeply satisfying

Helmet: Harry’s Horse Regal Sparkle

This was a spur of the moment impulse purchase, one I don’t regret. I’ve grown to really love the glossy helmets that are “in” right now, and of course I love glitter, so when I saw this one (and it was on sale for like $100) I figured YOLO. It actually fits me really well, has good ventilation, and looks really nice. It’s a lot, for sure, but in a way that I love. I get a lot of compliments on it. Plus, ya know… you can spot me from across a crowded warmup really easily.

Show Shirt(s): Samshield Faustina show shirt in Black Lurex or Halter Ego Tara lace show shirt

Basically I have a hot weather shirt and a cool weather shirt. Or I opt to wear the long-sleeve if coats are waived, since I’d rather have a black and white look than an all white one. I need to review the Halter Ego shirts I got, they’ve really upped their game on that front and have some cute ones. The Samshield one I got at a much discounted price from Europe, and I got it specifically because it’s black glitter. Commitment to the sparkle.

Stock Tie: Stockbubble

If you’re gonna wear a stock tie, there is no better one than this. The pictures don’t capture in all it’s glory, but it’s made of glittery fabric. t’s sparkly, it goes great with the helmet, and it’s pre-tied because I’m lazy. *chef’s kiss*

Show Jacket: Laguso Jane Tec in Dust

I dunno who decided to call the color “dust” because it’s actually a gorgeous sky blue. I love this jacket, it’s lightweight and fits great and is easy to wash. This company at one point made a black sparkly one too but it was a limited run and I haven’t been able to find it in my size. If I did I would buy it in a heart beat (I need a small, if anyone out there stumbles across it!). The only downside is that pretty much all their colors are limited runs.

Breeches: Struck 50 Series or B Vertigo Lauren

I actually like the B Vertigo ones fine (they’re nothing amazing but they’re def better than a lot of whites) and bought several pairs of them when they were in a BOGO sale. And then I got them and figured out that I actually need a size down so now I just have a collection of pants that are too big. That’s fun. If anyone needs any size 28 B Vertigo Lauren’s, I’m your girl. So after one show where Hillary literally had to safety pin the waist of my pants to make them stay up, I bought the Struck’s… which actually fit and are nice, but I only have one pair of them.

Belt: Boy o Boy Bridleworks or Remarkable Leather Goods

I have two belts that I rotate between, both black and navy, and both sparkly. The Boy o Boy ribbon belt is black glitter with dark navy, and the Remarkable Leather Goods is black leather with metallic navy padding. They’re both stunning.

Tall Boots: Romitelli

I’ve been really happy with both pairs of Romitelli’s I have, so much so that I ordered another pair that has some sky blue accents to coordinate with my coat. They haven’t come yet, so I show in my black ones with the black glitter top, and I love them.

Gloves: Cavalleria Toscana Schooling Gloves

CT keeps killing my dreams by changing their glove designs every season. The ones I have that I love are an old design that aren’t available anymore and I wear them for everyday plus for dressage at shows, so when they die I’m gonna be the saddest.

Accoutrements: I usually carry a whip and wear spurs with him for dressage… sometimes tiny roller balls, sometimes bigger roller balls, depending on the day.

Showjumping Outfit

This is basically the same as dressage, but ditch the stock tie and change the gloves. Unless we’re running XC right after SJ, in which case I go in my XC outfit just sans vest.

favorite gloves ever

Gloves: Sweet Iron Co skull gloves

This company closed down for regular sales, just doing occasional pop-ups now, and it’s made me sad.

Cross Country Outfit

The fun part! Most of you have noticed that I’m no longer rocking navy… it just wasn’t Presto’s style. My color for him is black glitter, it’s more punk rock. It’s also kinda fun – no one else is out there in glitter, but it’s unique without being bright. There’s nothing wrong with bright, it’s just not my style.

Shirt: Samshield Ava training shirt in black lurex

Yep, another black glitter Samshield shirt. I just love the fabric, and this base layer shirt is just as nice as the show shirt version. Granted, it’s an old season fabric so it’s almost impossible to find now… I was lucky to nab one of the last ones on the entire internet in my size. It’s fun though, because glitter.

Vest: Champion Ti22 body protector

I love love love love love my Champion. It’s lightweight, comfortable, has decent air flow, and is BETA 3 rated. I do feel like they run bigger than the size chart (I got a S and could have sized down to XS) but I like that they’re quite adjustable, too.

Helmet: Champion SNELL skull cap

I also love love love love love my Champion skull cap. It fits me great, has the highest safety ratings, and is quite comfy for a skull cap. This one is coming up on it’s 5 years so I’ll have to replace it soon, and I’ll probably just get the same helmet again.

Helmet Cover: Majyk Equipe sparkle helmet cover

Coincidence that Majyk Equipe sells sparkly skull cap covers that just so happened to match my glittery shirt?

Pinney Holder: Custom from Etsy

I got this from a shop that is no longer active, but it’s made from silver glitter elastic. It’s a vibe.

The gloves, boots, whip, spurs, and breeches stay the same as from showjumping, and then add the optimum time watch that used to be yellow but I painted to be black with glitter (shocking, I know).

I think that brings us up to date on everything? I’m sure there will still be some changes made, with things replaced or swapped out or whatever, but for the most part I feel pretty pleased with the state of the kit at the moment.

10 thoughts on “The Whole Kit (but no caboodle)

  1. Thanks for that outfits recap! I always love hearing about the brands you and your ponies wear and how you like them!


  2. These are my favorite posts! Love the glitter shirts. There was one for sale on FB Marketplace today and i got very excited until I realized it was a size large. Boo.
    I can’t wait to see the new boots, when do they arrive?!
    And lastly, I really love the black glitter look for Presto. It’s 100% his personality.


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