Foal Friday: Rue WTW


Yup, it’s a new baby day! Say hello to Rue WTW.

We’re now 2 for 2 so far on fillies this year, with surrogate mare Blue delivering a super adorable filly on Tuesday morning. Blue did amazing and has been a super mother, albeit a little bit of a helicopter parent.

Rue is bay with a star, but will definitely gray out like her sire Utrillo, she’s already got hints of gray goggles around her eyes.


So far Rue is very sweet and really likes people, much like her big brother Percy. She’s still unfolding and figuring out her legs, but has already become very proficient at bouncing and even pretty good at cantering (her legs move a little bit in slo-mo at the moment).

Michelle is thrilled to get another filly from Lissa, the Grand Prix mare. This one won’t be for sale!

4 thoughts on “Foal Friday: Rue WTW

  1. Little ball of fuzz! For now. 🙂

    From photo distance her face marking looks like an hourglass.

    Yay Rue! Welcome to the party!


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