Gotcha x 9

Nine years. NINE YEARS since I bought a fat little bay TB named Jerry from the internet, sight unseen. I thought I was getting a fun project to play around with at the local h/j shows for a year or so and then re-sell. Oh how little I knew. If you’d told me then how this would play out, I never would have believed you.

Here’s to 9 years with my heart and soul, the OG Best Boy, and the maker of dreams. To celebrate, here are 9 of my favorite photos of him from this year!

Here’s to hopefully many more Gotcha Days, bud.

4 thoughts on “Gotcha x 9

  1. Henry is the best. I can’t believe you had the audacity to put the dressage saddle on him though. As if! No wonder he makes derpy faces at you.


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