Am I On Fire?

Ah yes, hello, hi there. Poor neglected blog is the first thing to fall by the wayside.

Honestly though, there’s not a whole lot to report, it feels like. Last week you got the Rocking Horse show recap, and after that Presto got a couple days off. The farrier came on Tuesday, and Presto got hot shod for the first time. His reaction to being “on fire” was kind of hilarious.

“Cool, somethings on fire! Wait, is that me?”

From Wednesday through Sunday I was down at WEC all day every day working the Luxe EQ mobile. I rode Presto in the mornings before work, but otherwise my barn/horse time was pretty much just feeding.

Tell you what though, WEC at Christmas time is something else. I’m not really into Christmas or the decorations or any of that (the lights are pretty but that’s probably the beginning and end of my interest) but holy crap… it’s like Christmas threw up all over this place. Trees everywhere, decorations everywhere, lights everywhere. They do this Winter Wonderland thing that draws a ton of non-horse people who want to come look at everything and take pictures. WEC must make a freaking killing off of that, judging by how many cars were out there (all paying $30 just to park).

one of like 9 majillion trees

They also play Christmas music constantly, which after 5 straight days had me contemplating jumping off a bridge. If you’re super into Christmas, this is definitely the place to come. For me personally, I think I’m all full-up on Christmas for quite a while.

I was kind of excited to get home yesterday and see that the presents I got for people during the Black Friday sales had arrived, though. I find gift-giving to be really fun (for friends/horse people anyway… muggles are harder) and I think I did pretty well this year with picking things out. Oh, also – Patreon members, we’re sending a little something to y’all too, so if you haven’t sent me your address yet, please do so by tomorrow!

The Noodle fan club

One other thing: if you’ve been waiting to snag a BRC pedigree report, the December listing is active!

This week is somehow already jam-packed also, because there’s no rest for the wicked people who have horses to pay for. For the fun/relevant bits, I’ve got a dressage lesson today (because I have to learn to ride yet another new test – I honestly have no idea how pros live with all these tests in their head all the time, my brain cannot), and then a jump lesson and an xc school ahead of our next show, which is happening on Sunday. Trying to ride that momentum that we’ve built up the past couple months!

4 thoughts on “Am I On Fire?

  1. I feel that way about the dressage pros: pure dressage tests are way more complex (at least at the lower levels, I’d say complexity is much more equal at the FEI levels between dressage and eventing!). Like, how do you get off your GP horse and get on your baby at second level and somehow still remember the tests?


  2. I only ride the lower levels of dressage, but learning a test becomes easier over time. Plus the tests mirror each other to some degree.
    How do you guys remember a XC course? My one and only time going XC (was for a pony club rally 25 years ago) I got lost on course. “Luckily” I got passed by another horse & rider pair and we just followed them!😂


  3. Lmao “Wait. Is that me?” I can just hear him.

    One of our neighbors has a lawn that sounds almost up to WEC standards. I just about drove off the road the first time I went by. I have so far mostly avoided Christmas music, which is perfect. I COULD. NOT. DO. FIVE. DAYS. STRAIGHT. The horror. Seriously.


    1. See, I love Christmas Music, BUT. The stuff I listen to is definitely off the usual track: a lot of it is instrumental. With the exception of Mannheim Steamroller (which I grew up loving thanks to my mother!), you probably won’t hear it on a radio or in a mall or supermarket. That way I don’t get sick of it!


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