Sorry bout the cold front

It seems like most of the nation has been plunged into a gross, horrid, disgusting arctic cold front within the past few days. Apologies. I think it’s partially my fault.

My list of grievances over the preceding week are now obvious, in hindsight. It probably started way back in Ocala, when I was browsing through all the sunshirts and thinking how it was really time that I revamp my collection. Most of my sunshirts are going on their 5th year, and since this is Texas, I wear them a good 10 months of the year. So I bought a new one while I was there, a Tredstep Sun Chic, which I actually quite like. Then a few days later Karen posted on facebook about the new EC Erna shirts, and I had a coupon code, so I ordered a couple of those too.

gimme all the mesh

Yeah, I bought 3 new sunshirts because I thought it was spring already. I got cocky.

I also ordered my first big gallon of fly spray for the year, and the boys’ spring dewormer. Last week the flies were SO BAD, I even commented “Ugh these flies, it never got cold enough this year to really kill them!”. THAT WASN’T A CHALLENGE, MOTHER NATURE.

And then I finally tucked my one pair of fleece lined breeches away on a shelf in the closet, thinking we were done with that mess, where they sat for 2 whole days before I was digging them back out again. Kind of similar to a few days prior, when I was cleaning out my truck and came across the neck cover I had ordered for Henry when all the HUG blankets were on sale. I vividly remember thinking “I didn’t even use this thing once this season”, and I put it in a corner of the garage, still in it’s packaging. Ha. Ha ha ha ha.

from a few years ago, but WILDFLOWERS.

My final grievance (that I can remember anyway) was daring to admire all the wildflowers that have started to pop up in our jump field. They’re a very pretty orangey pink color, and they always pop up a couple weeks before the bluebonnets start to bloom. The grass is green. Things are looking alive again. It’s pretty. I like wildflower season. It’s one of the few times that Texas isn’t hideous. I got excited.

So now, here we are, and it’s 24 effing degrees. The “feels like” is 18. Which, admittedly, is better than yesterday when the “feels like” was 16. Nothing like a 15mph freezing wind to remind you that NO, in fact, IT IS NOT QUITE SPRING YET. I can practically hear Mother Nature cackling, asking me how I’m liking those meshy sunshirts now. She is kind of a witch.

what the shit is this, Texas?

Of course, it’s supposed to be mid-70’s again by the weekend, so we just have to hang in there until she finishes her tantrum. Note to self, don’t order fly spray before March next year. Geez.

The one good thing about all this, I suppose, was watching Presto’s reaction yesterday when I put his sheet on. He’s so damn hairy that he’s only worn that thing once this season, so it’s mostly just sat around and gotten dirty. Yesterday though, he thought it was the most fun thing ever.

And maybe I shouldn’t laugh while watching the naughty baby horse likely destroy his clothes, but I can’t help it. I bought that thing on sale anyway, and it won’t fit him next year, so if he murders it, he murders it. The sheer joy he got from pulling on that flap was totally worth it. He never fails to entertain.

Hope everyone is staying warm out there. Hard to believe that in a few months we’ll all be complaining about the heat.



21 thoughts on “Sorry bout the cold front

  1. umm i got my fly predators yesterday and had to run out to the mailbox quick before all the little things froze to death. It was negative windchill here yesterday when they were delivered. That wind was fierce. So i ma have also caused this polar vortex or whatever the hell it is. Sorry guys but Spalding told me for Tenn I should order in FEB….I have those suckers in the warmest room in the house… is supposed to warm up later….


    That field is gorgeous. Poor flowers. Our flowers were coming out earlier last week. bet they wish they hadn’t right now! 😦


      1. We don’t have 4 months of 100+ degree weather in Minnesota, yet. We do have 3-4 months of 90+ degrees with high humidity, and spring and fall seem to be getting shorter and shorter. Last year we went from 18 inches of snow to 90 degrees in a few weeks. O_o

        In sum, weather is bullshit pretty much no matter where you live. I would like my own perfect climate bubble, please and thank you. 😂


  2. Re the flies: Here in Michigan I have seen it with my own eyes. It’s single digits for days, then a couple weeks later it warms up to maybe 55 for just. one. day. and there are the flies. The cold doesn’t kill them. I don’t know where they hide (hibernate?), but give them just a whiff of warm and there they are.

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    1. I’m hoping they hold in there. They did the same thing a couple years ago but managed to survive getting sleeted on for a day, so maybe they’ll survive this too? Or maybe it’s just wishful thinking…


  3. This is definitely your fault. Say your sorry.
    Also, what’s the point of living in TX if it’s not at least warm in the winter time? Ain’t right.
    Gotta know, did the sheet survive? That video is hilarious even if super naughty.


  4. I had washed my fuzzy warm breeches for the last time of the winter season and put them away. And got them out again. Aaaaahhhh …
    I wear fuzzy breeches at home too (work at home), which means if I run an errand I wear them there as well … so I did get like 2-3 solid days of wearing out of them.

    OK decision point … wash fuzzy breeches & put away again, thereby asking for, say, a March blizzard in central Texas? or let them lay around unwashed with the seat starting to bag and the knees stretched out, taking up space until, say, April or June? To keep the arctic fronts away. Because that’s how it works. I think.


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