The Ultimate White Breeches Guide

Welp, I think its safe to say that when I originally had the idea for this post, I didn’t quite realize what I was getting myself into. Originally this was just gonna be me trying on and reviewing maybe 5 different pairs of white breeches. It morphed into 9 pairs of breeches and 3 people that are the same size but wildly different body types. I think this is way more helpful than the original idea would have been, but whew… coordinating this and gathering and creating all the media was a lot more effort than I anticipated. It was very educational and enlightening for me though, so hopefully y’all will get something out of our efforts too.

So, before we launch into it, here’s my standard preamble. First and foremost, we really wanted to be as “real” about this as possible, so we shot all the footage outside in natural light at mid-day. The least flattering but most realistic lighting. Hillary and I were able to do ours on a nice sunny day, but trying to coordinate schedules with our friend and 3rd “model” Stacey was tougher, so we had no choice but to do hers on an overcast yucky day. The benefit of this is that you get to see them in different light, I suppose?

Also, full disclosure – I made full try-on and review videos for each of these, which is what the pics are from, but those videos are only available on my Patreon. I put the same amount of written detail here, as well as the photos so that you can still get all the info and a visual, but the best media is over there. It took me many many hours and a lot of effort to put all that footage together, so… hopefully you understand why I made that choice.

me somewhere around hour 6 of editing

To start with, our models for this particular endeavor. Since all the breeches we had to use were around the same size, we obviously had to get 3 people that all wear about the same size. This ended up being:

  • me (Amanda) – 5’6″, extremely average build and proportions. Usually size 28R.
  • Hillary – 5’4″, hourglass shape with a small waist, bigger booty, and shorter legs. Usually 28S or R.
  • Stacey – 5’10” with a straight shape and long legs. Usually 28L.

To add some extra challenge I wore black lace underwear and Hillary wore hot pink – had to very thoroughly test out just how see-through they were! I personally thought it was VERY interesting seeing how the different breeches fit such wildly different people. We also all have different preferences and priorities in pants, of course. Never realized how much we all seem to care about pockets on whites, though. We were unified in that cause. It’s the ONE TIME girls don’t want bigger pockets.

can we do this ONLY to white breeches?

Next order of business – the breeches themselves. Some of these are our own personal breeches, others were sent to us on loan to use for this guide by my friend Megan at Luxe EQ and Susan at Somerset Equestrian Trading. I warned them that we would be honest, and we were. Sometimes brutally. The list of brands and models is:

  • Dada Sport Kit breeches
  • Vestrum Syracuse breeches
  • Struck 50 Series White 2.0 breeches
  • For Horses Remie breeches
  • B Vertigo Lauren breeches
  • Espoir Inspire breeches
  • Romfh Sarafina breeches
  • Tredstep Nero II breeches
  • Esprit Equestrian breech tights 

It’s a pretty wide range of styles, features, and price points ($79 through $370), and we tried to do a mix of common favorites as well as lesser-known brands, so hopefully we’ve got something here that will interest everyone. Let’s get started!

Dada Sport Kit breeches french size 40 – $299

These are a high rise breech with fairly simple styling. There are some fun details that make them super chic, like gold buttons at the waist and a white braided detail at the pockets. The fabric is a mid-weight, not super thick but not thin, and VERY stretchy. The interior pockets are beige so that they don’t show through, and the fabric is pretty opaque – no real issues seeing underwear through them. 

Amanda’s thoughts: I typically don’t prefer high rise styles, I’m usually just a bit too short in the torso to pull them off and I feel the same about these. If I had more height or length of torso it would be very different, but they hit me in kind of an odd place and are a little long everywhere. The fabric is absolutely glorious though, very comfortable, pretty opaque white, and seems like it would wash well. I would rate these a 5 just because the fit doesn’t work for me, but they’re obviously very high quality breeches. Definitely a good one to check out if you’re tall and/or have a long torso.

Hillary’s thoughts: I’m even shorter in the torso, so yeah… same problem. The fit isn’t right for my body type but totally agree on the fabric being really high end. I would give these a 5 as well, just for the fit.

Stacey’s thoughts: Extremely nice fabric, very comfortable. A bit higher rise than I usually prefer, but otherwise these fit me pretty well. I would rank them at an 8.

Vestrum Syracuse breeches Italian size 42 – $370

The Vestrum Syracuse is a mid rise breech, also with simple styling. The bi-elastic fabric on these is also super stretchy but feels a bit lighter/thinner than the Dada. They also have a euro seat and two front pockets. There is a small brand logo on the left leg but otherwise no obvious branding or detailing.

Amanda’s thoughts: If we were going purely based on how they feel, these might have been the winner for me. They feel great on and I like the rise and the length. You can see my black lace underwear through these a little bit, but not too bad. The fabric is about average as far as how flattering it is on my large dimply ass. For me personally I’d prefer a wider waistband and maybe some more fun detailing, but that’s my preference. Still really nice pants – I’d give these a 7.

Hillary’s thoughts: I expected these to be too long on me but surprisingly they were ok. I still think they would be better on someone taller, but I didn’t have too much excess. They were a bit harder to get over my hips but still very comfortable on. The fabric is really nice albeit a little thin and I could see my hot pink underwear through them a bit. I like the more subtle detailing and branding, and the sock bottom feels very luxe. 6.5

Stacey’s thoughts: To me these are perfection. Love the rise, love the fabric, love the fit. They’re super comfortable and look like they would wear and wash well. I gave these a 10 and will be buying them!

Struck 50 Series white 2.0 breeches size 28 – $299

The Struck 2.0 white breeches are a hot seller and definitely a crowd favorite, so I had to try these for sure. They were obviously very well thought out as far as the design goes – the inner layer of the breech is beige to make them totally opaque, there’s silicone inside the waist to help keep your shirt tucked in, the waistband is wide to be more stable and flattering, and the fabric is stain resistant to help it stay clean and wash well.

Amanda’s thoughts: I definitely think these run on the generous side, I had a ton of extra room in the waist of the 28. The good thing about Struck though is that they come in every size, and I was able to later try on a 27 which was definitely better although maybe still a little big in the waist compared to the thigh for me. If you’re a fan of Tailored Sportsman I can see you really liking these – the fit is similar but every detail is just a whole level up. Better fabric, fit, details, etc. You definitely could not see even a hint of my underwear through them. I expected them to be a little more flattering on cellulite since they’re a bit thicker material, but I’d say they’re average in that regard. The pockets are too big/thick IMO and don’t create the smoothest line. I admit I expected to love them a little more than I did for the price. Full disclosure though, I’m one of those minority people that is not much of a TS fan either. These are definitely nice breeches, just not my personal favorite. I’d give them a 7.

Hillary’s thoughts: Same fit here, I had a lot of extra room in the waist of the 28. I agree that these are similar to TS but much nicer in every regard, and I like that the sock bottom is black, it gives it a nice contrasting look. The branding is very subtle and I like the wide waistband. I think they would work on a wide variety of body types. I don’t know that these are my favorite either given the price but they’re well-designed for sure. 7

Stacey’s thoughts: Yep, they’re big in the waist on me too. A 27 was much better, and I really like them. I think these are the pants I would want to buy in colors for everyday use – they seem like they would hold up really well to abuse. I don’t love how big the pockets are on the whites, the front isn’t as smooth-looking on your leg so there’s a lump. They’re a little bit short on me but still workable. I would rank these at a 7.

For Horses Remie breeches size Italian size 44 – $298

This is another Italian brand, For Horses, and these are their Remie opaque white model. They’re a mid-rise with euroseat made from stain-resistant, moisture-wicking fabric that is made to help conceal imperfections and be more opaque. These are a lighter weight, without too much detailing – just a little metal tab on a belt loop, a tone-on-tone white logo on the back, and a very tiny Italian flag button on the thigh.

Amanda’s thoughts: I think these might be the ones that surprised me the most, in a good way. While putting them on I thought they were way too lightweight for whites, expected them to be totally see through and not at all flattering. Are they the most opaque pair of the group? No, definitely not. But they’re WAY more flattering than I expected, for sure. I dunno what kind of magic they wove into this fabric, but they were one of the best at smoothing out my butt and thigh lumpiness. I think that’s because it’s a little more structured than some of the others. IMO these were one of the best pairs when it came to fitting a variety of body types, they looked good on all 3 of us. These would be a solid choice for showing in warmer climates, and I’d really like to try them in colors as well. I’d give these an 8.

Hillary’s thoughts: The fabric on these had more of a Spanx type vibe, which isn’t a bad thing. I think the wide waistband is really flattering and the slanted belt loops are a cool visual touch. The pocket is big enough to be able to put at least something small in, but not so big that there’s excess material down the thigh. I’d love them more if they were cheaper, of course, but they’re very nice pants: 8. 

Stacey’s thoughts: The material on these is really nice feeling. I did have a little trouble getting them over my calves – it wasn’t uncomfortable, but something to keep in mind if you have proportionately larger calves. They fit me nicely and were definitely flattering. I would score these at a 7.

B Vertigo Lauren breeches size 28 – $160

These B Vertigo breeches have a mid rise, 4-way stretch moisture wicking fabric, a euro-seat, and a very simple no-frills design. They don’t even have any front pockets, just a small interior one that could hold a credit card, money, or maybe a key. These come in silicone knee patch or full seat.

Amanda’s thoughts: Full disclosure, these are some of my own breeches and I paid $50 for them last year on clearance. There’s nothing about them that I hate, but there’s also nothing about them that I really love either. For whites I kind of like not having the pocket lumps in the front, and it made them quick and easy to get on and get situated. The belt loops are very very small, I’m not sure I have a belt that would even fit in them, and the narrow waistband kind of gives them baseball-pant vibes to me (once you see it you can’t unsee it). They were probably one of the more opaque pairs (you could see my black underwear a little bit but you couldn’t really see Hillary’s hot pink at all) and are moderately flattering on imperfections. The fabric was comfortable and stretchy, although there was maybe a bit of extra length/ankle/calf material for me. I wouldn’t pay full price but I’m not mad about them at all for what I did spend. I’d give these a 6.

Hillary’s thoughts: I still can’t decide how I feel about the lack of pockets. The breeches are comfortable and I like the material, although I really don’t like how narrow the waistband is. None of my belts would fit. The lower leg was a little roomy on me. These don’t really have the features that I personally prefer, but they’re not bad. 5

Stacey’s thoughts: These were stretchy and comfortable and I like the smooth look. The knee patch was maybe a little grippier than I prefer (I like very little to no grip). A good pair of breeches, but not a stand-out. I’ll give them a 6.

Espoir Inspire breeches Italian size 40 – $250

Many of you may not have come across this South African brand yet – they’re pretty new to me as well. I first saw some of their stuff last fall at Maryland 5*, where I bought one of their coats. This brand likes glitter detailing, so clearly we’re on the same page. These breeches are definitely one of the most visually interesting of the bunch, with some ribbon detailing and gold logo at one belt loop, zipper pockets, glitter piping, and unique seaming on the sides and back. They’re made from a bamboo blend material, have a lower-mid rise, and a discreet side pocket on the hip. The back has a euroseat as well as little sliced quarter panels to follow the shape of the body. These come in silicone knee patch or full seat.

Amanda’s thoughts: I had no idea what to expect from these, and when I pulled them out of their bag I thought, like the For Horses, that these would be way too thin to be flattering. Yet again though, I was wrong, and these are definitely one of my favorites of the bunch. I would probably prefer them in an I-42 – I got them on but they were definitely very tight. The seaming on the back is SO interesting and I think very flattering on all body types, and it’s something I’ve never seen before. Naturally, I love the white glitter detailing at the pockets. I’m a sucker for details and unique touches and these definitely have those in spades. The fabric has more structure to it so it isn’t quite as smooth to the touch as some others, but it definitely wasn’t uncomfortable to me and still has plenty of stretch. They’re not super opaque, but not particularly see-through either. I wish the waistband was wider, but I still really like these and would definitely wear them. They’re fun. If you’re boring (ahem Hillary) then they might not be for you, but I give them a 9. I like their spirit.

Hillary’s thoughts: I tend to prefer my breeches more on the plainer side, so all the “spirit” wasn’t quite as appealing to me. I’m not sure if any of the seams might trigger some of my sensory issues on a long show day… I would have to wear them for a while to see. That said, they’re really comfortable and well-designed, and I really love the shape of the seaming in the back. They’re definitely one of the most flattering pairs on all body types, and seem like they would suit a wide range of sizes and shapes. 7.5 

Stacey’s thoughts: I love all the details and especially the back seams and side pocket. These are fun breeches and will look nice in the saddle, they definitely look higher end. The fabric has more structure than some of the others so I think they would hold up well to a long show day without sagging or stretching. Really flattering and lovely, I like these a lot. I’ll rate them a 9. 

Romfh Sarafina Classic breeches size 26 – $195

These are a staple favorite for a lot of people across disciplines and always seem to be really popular. The Sarafina feature a mid-rise, soft fabric, very subtle branding/details, wide waistband, and come in a variety of patch options (suede knee patch, silicone knee patch, suede full seat or silicone full seat). The ones we had for this try-on were the classic model with the suede knee patch, Hillary’s personal show breeches.

Amanda’s thoughts: So I had a pair of Sarafina’s in the past (not in white) and didn’t really love the fit on me, but that was about 30 pounds ago. Now they do seem to fit me a lot better, the fabric is comfortable, they’re pretty flattering, and not very see-through. The 26 fit well so I would definitely say they run a little big. I like the rise and the wide waistband, although I admittedly hate the suede patch and would much prefer silicone. I can see why these are a staple for a lot of people – while they’re nothing fancy or particularly outstanding, they’re nice breeches and tick all the important boxes. To me I think they run a little shorter than others, and I think the sock bottom could be better and cut slimmer to the leg. I don’t have any major complaints but they didn’t rank up there with my top favorites either. I might rate them a little higher if they were a tad cheaper or had some extra pizazz (look, I am who I am) but I still give them a 7.5… I’d buy some if I found them on sale. 

Hillary’s thoughts: Sarafina’s are generally my favorite breeches, both in white and in colors. For me the fit is great, I like the material, and they wash well. I think they look nice on a lot of different body types as well, but especially if you’re more curvy. In my experience they run on the generous side, I always size down. 8.5

Stacey’s thoughts: These seem like a solid basic pair of whites. They’re comfortable, the fit is good, although the fabric is a little bit on the thicker side. I think they compare pretty well to the high end brands – maybe not as fancy with details and features but still quite nice. I give these a 7. 

Tredstep Nero II breeches size 26 – $99

Now we’re talking bargain priced. The Tredstep Nero II breeches are a mid-rise, lightweight breech with quick dry, water resistant fabric. They’re cut slightly higher in the back, have a wide waistband, and basically zero branding or detailing. 

Amanda’s thoughts: Ok there Tredstep, I see what you did here. I am… shockingly impressed with these considering the price. The fabric is on the thinner side and you could def see my black underwear more than the Romfh, but honestly the fit is pretty darn similar if not even a bit better on me – I think the waist is slightly smaller. The 26 fit me really well, so I’d say these run a little big too. I thought they looked equally flattering on all 3 of us. The sock bottom is really well done, and although yes they’re extremely boring, it’s hard to complain too much at this price point. They do have a seemingly excessive amount of pocket that makes for a less than smooth look on the front, but that could easily be modified and cut shorter, which is what I would do. I will probably buy a pair of these to add to my collection, the price makes them hard for me to pass up considering I am always such a dumpster fire and can destroy a pair of whites in 0.5 seconds. They’re not high end but they’re a good value. If they were more expensive I’d rate them maybe a 7, for for $99… I give them an 8.  

Hillary’s thoughts: These are another pair of my personal show pants and I’ve been really pleased with them, especially for the price. I don’t think the fabric is quite as nice as the Romfh but the fit is very similar and I do like the sock bottom on these. They also wash well and stay comfortable on long show days. The pockets are definitely large, but those are one of my few complaints and it hasn’t bothered me much. 8 

Stacey’s thoughts: These seem very similar to the Romfh Sarafina to me too, just a bit thinner fabric. Otherwise they’re quite comparable as far as fit and feel and comfort level. I don’t think they’re as nice as some of the higher end brands, and I don’t like how much excess material is in the pockets, but the price on these is great. I would rate them a 7. 

Esprit PRO breech tights size medium – $79

These are the only pair of tights in our line-up, and only made the cut because they have such a “breech” look to them. They’re also the lowest price of the bunch. These are really interesting in a lot of ways. The exterior fabric is silky smooth, almost like the whole breech is a sock bottom material, and then they have an interior mesh lining that works kinda like a built in Spanx – it gives you some support and helps smooth imperfections. These are a full silicone seat, more grip than any of the others here, and a lower-mid rise. The gray part of the seat is the same material as the white, so it’s just a contrasting color, not a different material. If you like fun details these have plenty to offer, with glitter piping at the pockets and at each belt loop, plus rhinestone buttons on the back faux pockets. 

Amanda’s thoughts: These are also my own pants, although I just bought them and haven’t done much besides try them on one previous time. I love how silky smooth the material is, it’s so comfy, and the inner liner really does help smooth things out. It also gives a slight compression feel to the tights, which I like. Honestly they don’t really feel like tights to me, they feel like comfy breeches, and with a belt on they’ll look just like breeches too. I really only have two complaints about these. 1) I think the rise could be just a wee bit higher in the back.  2) the pockets. They are HUGE and go halfway down my leg, making a big unflattering outline. Granted, I really hate pocket outlines on white breeches so a more normal person might not be as bothered by this as I am. After we did all these try-ons I did end up cutting the pockets out of these (I’ll put a pic below) and I think it makes a world of difference. I might not pull these out for AEC or big time things like that, but for one day shows where I want something comfy and flattering that I won’t care if I destroy or cover in mud? Definitely. (FWIW I also have a pair in green and the pockets don’t bother me at all on those… it’s just whites) Taking the pockets out elevated them from a 6 to an 8 in my book.

this pleases me SO much more

Hillary’s thoughts: Totally agree on the pockets, they were killing it for me but they’re way better with the pockets out. They look and feel a lot more expensive than they are, for sure, and are a really great budget option. For me I wish the rise was a little higher in the back on me, but I’m not sure if a larger size might help that. I like how the inner liner feels and I like the contrasting gray material on the seat, it seems like it might be easier to keep clean. 7  

Stacey’s thoughts: $80?!?!? For that price these are a great buy. I definitely don’t like the pockets either (much better with them out) and they’re a bit grippier than I tend to prefer, but they are REALLY comfortable and fit really well. They feel more expensive than they are, and I really like all the details and styling. These wouldn’t be my first choice without the price taken into account, but considering that it brings them up significantly, I’ll give them a 7.


In conclusion I asked everyone to pick a few favorites for different categories “Classiest”, “Best Design”, and “Best Value”.


– Classiest would probably be the For Horses. They’re a little pricier than others, but they look expensive. They’re subtle, elegant, and flattering. 


– Classiest are the For Horses, for the same reasons Amanda mentioned. They’re flattering and well-fitting and have a very “clean” look.


– Classiest for me are the Vestrum, they fit me really well and I just love the fabric, it feels so luxurious.


– Best Design, for sure the Espoir. They’re just so unique and different, but in all the best ways. I’ve never seen seaming like that before but it works so well.


– Best Design, agreed on the Espoir. I feel like they were made with the female body in mind, and I appreciate that.


– Best Design, I will third the Espoir although with an honorable mention to Struck.

– Best Value… this is a little hard for me between the Tredstep and the Esprit. Both are great buys for the under $100 price point, but I give the nod to the Esprit (once I cut the pockets out) because they have a lot more cool features and fun details. They look and feel more expensive than they are, for sure.  

– Best Value, for me it’s the Tredstep because they’ve been such a good solid breech for me and you can’t beat the price.

– Best Value I would say the Esprit. They are really comfortable and good-looking for only $79 bucks… you could load up your closet with them and not feel bad about it.

We also plan on doing a version of this for schooling/everyday breeches in the future, just as soon as I forget exactly how much work this one was. If y’all have any special requests for that one (specific criteria you want us to mention, brands, etc) let me know I’ll do my best to make it happen!

20 thoughts on “The Ultimate White Breeches Guide

  1. This is a great post! I fell in absolute love with the TS Neros for schooling last year. My biggest problem on any breeches is the fucking inseam, I’m a full four inches shorter than Hillary and SO tired of having bunched up fabric at my ankles, sob.

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  2. I have no plans to buy whites in the foreseeable future, but when I do, I’ll definitely reference this list. But I wanted to comment more to just say THANK YOU for these types of posts in general! I know I and many many others are so appreciative of the time/commitment you put into this stuff 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This is so interesting. I also liked seeing the variety of body types and how that changed to fit. I am a plus-sized rider, but more hourglass or pear-shaped, and rarely can I find images of clothes on curvier body types. I think that is good to know even if none of the models are plus-sized themselves.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I love these kinds of posts! Showing them on different body types was really helpful. I’m built more like Stacy and straight in the hips. I just bought a pair of Tredstep Nero II full seats and I love them. They don’t stretch out at all and are so flattering. I haven’t washed them much so hoping they hold up and am planning to snag in another color.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Love this post! I will say the one thing that gave me slight pause was saying the three of you were “wildly” different bodies but then you’re all a size 28? Not saying you needed to find people of much different sizes (I would have stopped at just myself so this is already impressive!) more just than maybe saying people of “slightly different body shapes” would be more on point 😂


  6. Ah my bad, just noticed you wrote “same size but wildly different body types” – I had missed the “same size” part at the start! My apologies!


  7. I love that you showed the same size on different body types. I think that’s almost more helpful than just seeing different sized bodies. Also, is Hillary playing air guitar in the Espoir breeches? (please say yes!)


    1. Yeah I thought that seeing them on all 3 of us was very enlightening for me too, it helped me understand more about what features I should be looking for myself.

      Hillary could be doing anything, air guitar included.😂


  8. I’m just over here having a moment of patriotic pride. Go, Espoir!! Yeah, Mzansi!

    OK, with that off my chest – this was such a great post and I can totally see how much effort you put into this. Wow! Looking forward to seeing more like these, and so grateful that non-Patrons could enjoy this much detail, too. FWIW, I (a non-Patron) feel like you’re still providing an insane amount of value just for your everyday blog readers. Thanks for that!

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  9. Thank you for this! I’ve been looking for a new pair of whites for 5 mo now but couldn’t find any that I wanted to pull the trigger on. Just bought a pair this morning based off your reviews!

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