Nap(s) needed

I am… a wee bit tired. That was a very quick and busy past few days that managed to somehow simultaneously feel like 2 weeks yet only 10 minutes at the same time.

Saturday was a lot

I have a lot of updates and fun stuff about the Ocala farm and our weekend trip, but my brain can barely string words together at the moment so I’ll get to all that tomorrow. When we last left off here, the weather had taken a cruel turn from 85 to 30 degrees. I ultimately solved my own problem by just driving to Florida (seems like a reasonable solution to me) where it was 85 and sunny and my southerner, lizard-esque body was like “yaaassssssssss humidity and sweat, give it to meeeeee”. Give me a few months and I’m sure I’ll be complaining about it again but boy it felt good after being blasted in the face with freezing cold wind for a couple days.

bundled up Gemma

Since it wasn’t great riding weather I did complete a wee project before I left – I re-dyed and glamorized the dressage saddle. This was my first time experimenting with adding some glitter trim and I am super pleased with how it came out. I’ll do a longer post on the process and what I used and the before & after but here’s a sneak preview of it. Figuring out that I can add glitter to pretty much anything seems like very dangerous information to have. I’m sure it’s just a matter of time until something else gets sparkled without it’s consent.


I’ve also been working fast and furious in my free time (lol) to get the breeding information pulled together for some upcoming live streams. I’m delighted to have been asked and always want to gather as much as information as possible, but it does take forever to do it, so I’m trying to get as much done as possible anytime I can (and with drafting the assistance of Hillary). The first one up will be this weekend’s Aiken Showcase, followed the next weekend by Red Hills Horse Trials.

Speaking of Red Hills, they really busted their butts to make the live stream happen and really wanted to keep it free for everyone to view. They were able to enlist Visit Tallahassee to host the live stream on their YouTube channel, and would really appreciate some assistance from the public in the form of support. Here’s a message from them:

We’ve worked really hard to convince everyone that the livestream REALLY matters to eventers everywhere, and if we can get to 1000 subscribers to the YT channel it will really show that the market is there, and they will carry the livestream on their channel – making it easier for everyone to find the content.

It has been pretty important to us to keep it with no paywall, so if anyone else will watch the livestream, can you go ahead and click the subscribe button on their channel?

So if anyone who’s interested would subscribe to the YouTube channel, that would be wonderful!

I think that catches us up on everything that was going on before I left in the middle of the night on Thurs/Fri.

As we got closer and closer to Florida and it got warmer and warmer and prettier and prettier, I tried really hard to feel guilty about leaving poor Hillary in charge of the horses in the cold and yuck back in Texas. I TRIED to feel guilty. I did not really succeed. She probably won’t be readily volunteering to farm sit again anytime soon, I suspect, but she was the real MVP of the weekend.

As soon as I got home last night we recorded the Bobby podcast so that’ll be out this week on the Patreon as well as extensive video of the Ocala property and copies of these breeding spreadsheets as soon as I finish them, in case anyone wants to follow along with the live stream info. As for here on the regular blog, I’ll have plenty of pictures and info for y’all on everything too. And maybe… just maybe… the weather will cooperate and I can actually ride a horse today?

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