Expeditious expedition

Surprise – I’m heading out to Ocala for the weekend! Well, hopefully. If Michelle and I can get out of here amidst this winter thing Texas is trying to do. It’s a bit of a last minute trip, but Megan is getting there with her winter season crew next week and Michelle wanted me to look things over to make sure it’s all ready to go for their arrival. The crew out there has been working hard and fast to get everything done so I’m excited to see how things are coming along! The pics look great.

New tack room who dis

As I mentioned, naturally winter has stormed back in for one last little unwanted opinion, which is annoying AS USUAL. At least the worst of it isn’t supposed to make it quite this far south… it’s cold and windy, but nothing too crazy and not too far below freezing. It’s just also not anywhere near the lovely sunny 85 degrees that we had to start the week. I’m getting very tired of 50+ degree temperature swings. We went from 85 to 28 in a little more than 12 hours… what the actual shit?.

Was literally wearing a T-shirt with summer weight tights and still sweating my ass off on Tuesday. It was glorious.

I’m flying back on Monday so I’ll be MIA for a couple days, although I did set up the White Breeches Guide to publish tomorrow. That’s a novel, so hopefully it’ll hold you over in the meantime. I’ll have lots of updates next week – Ocala, Presto, the saddle makeover, Futurity stuff, Gemma things, etc etc. For now, I’m gonna (attempt to) go enjoy some mid to upper 80’s delicious delicious Florida humidity, sweat directly into my eyeballs, and enjoy every minute of it.

If you’re stuck in the path of the real winter storm, my condolences. We’re so close to spring…

8 thoughts on “Expeditious expedition

  1. I am also over winter. In MO we had a pretty mild winter up until Feb, and then we’ve had 3 major winter storms in one month. It will get up to mid 50s-60s for a few days in between, and then drop dramatically to below freezing temps and usually have rain that turns into sleet that turns into snow. I am over it! I haven’t been able to ride more than once or twice a week for 3+ weeks because it’s either too sloppy or frozen. I am really putting it on my 10 year plan to move further south. Or put up an indoor arena.

    Anyway, have fun on your trip and hopefully we’ll get so see some progress pics when you get back!


  2. Have fun in the sun! I could use a dose of humidity! Its nothing but snow, ice & cold temperatures here.
    I can’t wait to see what your new digs (both house & barn) will look like. Are you bringing your tiny home along with you when you relocate? Since it sounds like paradise, I would assume you will have a lots of friends wanting to visit. It would be easy enough to house guests (both free & paying ones) in the tiny.


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