Blog Hop: Bathtime

I don’t really want to talk about what’s going on in my world right now because this week has been absolute shite, so how about a light-hearted blog post instead? The heavy stuff can wait. Bel Joeor posted a fun Bathtime blog hop and I do quite like bathing products (for horses anyway) so let’s do it. (Also – pssst – Riding Warehouse is doing a Bargain Bin sale for the holiday weekend, check it out)

Do you bathe regularly, or only before shows?

As necessary, really. Before shows or if they’re really dirty, or pre-body clip. In our mild climate they can get hosed off for most of the year, and mine are pretty much always clipped, so they don’t tend to get super dirty.

What’s your temperature cutoff?

65 if they absolutely must be bathed, but I’d rather it be 70. We’re Texans, we’re allowed to be weenies about “cold”.

Any favorite gadgets or shampoos?

Ooo boy do I have some favorite products.

My “gadget” I suppose would be my Power Shower sponge. It’s a regular sponge on one side and a Tiger’s Tongue on the other so I LOVE this thing for bathing. It’s a super all-in-one little tool.

My favorite shampoo/conditioner line is probably Espana Silk, it washes out easily and smells fantastic, plus the conditioner does a really good job detangling the tail with little effort.

I also do an after-bath rinse where I fill up a bucket about halfway with water, add a few glugs of liniment (usually Vetrolin because it’s more economical, sometimes Sore No More if I’m feeling bougie whene I’m buying liniment) and a capful or two of baby oil.

I sponge that all over the coat and it’s a nice brace for the horse’s muscles plus the little bit of baby oil leaves the coat nice and rehydrated and shiny without needing to use any kind of silicone spray afterward.

In the winter if it’s too wet to bathe but they’re particularly dirty (you know how clipped horses get super dusty? Or your horse – ahem Henry – loves to lay in poop?) I like to use a good waterless shampoo and dampened towels to get them clean.

Any other strong opinions?

I have a lot of strong opinions, but not many about bathing. As long as you’re not freezing your horse to death by bathing them when it’s too cold, you do you.

5 thoughts on “Blog Hop: Bathtime

  1. I did NOT know they made that Power Sponge thing, I’m ordering one ASAP! I adore my TT (which I found out about from you) so I’ve gotta have this.


  2. I am with RiderWriter. I did not know there is a combined sponge and Tiger’s Tongue from Epona. I was just using my Tiger’s Tongue yesterday while grooming and thinking about how much I like it, especially on my horse who can be more sensitive about certain grooming tools. Thank you for the tip.


  3. I have a grey, so bathing is a whole ordeal……my favorite ever tool is a wand attachment for the hose. If I have that with enough water pressure behind it, I hardly need soap!


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