Foal Friday: Update from Percy

I think we’re well past due for a Percy update! And instead of just showing you pictures and telling you how he is, I figured we’d let him show you for himself in his own little video.

As you can see he’s doing great, looking loads better, and is super super sweet. It looks like he’ll be just fine.

This week has been super busy at WTW with mares getting bred (it’s pretty much the end of the season for us) and foals getting body clipped (100 degrees is no fun when you’re covered in a thick foal coat) so hopefully next week we’ll have lots more updates and some sleek looking, magical color-changing foals!

6 thoughts on “Foal Friday: Update from Percy

  1. Those EARS – squeeee! I’m telling you, if I was a foal I’d want to be born and live at WTW. The care, the thought put into them, the socialization, everything Michele provides is so impressive. I’d want one of her babies even if they WEREN’T bred to the hilt and gorgeous! Very glad Percy is doing so well. He’s adorable.


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