Monday Musings

Usually Mondays are my riding update days around here, but there’s not a lot to say about Henry except he continues to act 4 instead of 14. Since Presto left he’s the youngest horse on the property and I feel like he’s taking that to the extreme. The yeehaw was so real on Friday after we cantered over the natural ditch in the back that he came the closest he ever has to actually bucking me off. Like… I almost lost a stirrup. Nobody tell him.

We’ve been doing a lot of cavaletti exercises, and last week when we went in the arena after an overnight storm, he I guess… forgot… that the cavaletti were in the ring because he turned into a snorty spooky mess at the sight of the canter ones set up near the top.

His spook trail. He was spooking at the canter cavaletti in the top left of the pic…

I mean it’s kind of embarrassing to spook at the exercise you literally just did two days before, but ok. Once we walked up to it he was like “oh j/k I totally knew what that was, just seeing if you knew….”. Sure, Henry. Sure. I’m glad he’s enjoying himself at least. Once the hot weather hits he’ll be back to miserable and grumpy, so I won’t begrudge him some spring sillies.

Speaking of sillies…


I still don’t really have any particularly noteworthy Presto updates (he’s supposed to be doing something fun this week, so maybe in a few days) but he is indeed still alive and well and happy in Ocala. Settling into the busy bustling atmosphere of OJC has definitely been a thing, but… that’s exactly why I sent him. He’s getting his world rocked a little bit and learning how to deal. A local-ish to me trainer was there last week and happened to see him while walking past the barns so she took the above pic. Apparently he begs for cookies as soon as you walk up, so… yep that’s on brand. He spends his days snoozing in his stall, getting ridden, and begging for cookies, and spends his nights romping around giant pastures. Overall he’s doing a-ok I think.

Peyton is still holding in that hostage, no foal yet. She hit 340 days yesterday, but last time she foaled at 344. Maybe she’ll stick to the same pattern and give us an April Fool’s baby? That would be about right for these mares and their sense of humor. I’m very impatiently waiting for a baby already. Let’s get this show on the road, yes?

So, no baby pics yet but the new mare Vonhra did arrive at Willow Tree Warmbloods last night! Michelle said she’s even more stunning in person and will get some nice pics of her within the next couple days. I quite like her and think all of our endless internet stalking paid off, she’s a nice addition to the broodmare band.

proof that she made it!

I’ve been calling her Vee after Badminton’s Vicarage Vee, since Vonhra doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue or lend itself well to any good nicknames. We’ll see if Michelle thinks that fits or if she needs something different. But yay, new mare. WHO SHOULD WE BREED HER TO? Stallion shopping is almost as fun for me as the actual babies.

One more fun thing today: I’m hosting a giveaway for a $75 Corro gift card on Instagram so if you haven’t entered yet, don’t forget to do so! Y’all know how much I love Corro, and free gift cards are never bad. Plus I made Henry stand with Presto’s ball for the photo, which took some real doing, and he’s probably traumatized now. So… at least enter to make sure that all his suffering wasn’t for naught.

3 thoughts on “Monday Musings

  1. Ugh. I want baby pictures!!!!
    There’s a prego mare at the boarding barn who looks like she’s about 25 months along, but she’s not due until mid May. So hopefully Peyton lets that nugget out soon.


  2. So, I have a suggestion for Vee (love it, must be kept!). A little out of left field, but bear with me. Without knowing what you guys pay for semen there, I’m going to suggest keep your girl’s Aussie heritage and breed to this guy and He is not cheap, but I promise you he is incredible. 10 for character. 10! And 9.5 for temperament. Plus true black which could be nice. And you’d get the tax off that price. One of his sons is standing in NZ ( and I’ve seen this son in the flesh jumping 1.30m – he will go right up to grand prix showjumping, and he would also go as far as you like in dressage (Lauries as is Grand Prix dressage), and phenotype is pure eventer, just like his sire. The only reason I’m saying go for the sire is that the son isn’t available frozen yet. I’m 99% you can still get Lauries As frozen, just not sure about in the US (sorry if your get keen and he’s not available!)

    I can accept all the Australian stuff because Lohnro is 100% Kiwi blood! Plus a Lauries As x Vonhra baby could be called Aussie for a paddock name and how cute would that be 🙂


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