NHR, but help me find…

I’m very late getting started with things this morning because SOMEONE either has an abscess or his leg is broken. Which diagnosis is more accurate depends on which of us you ask.


Considering Henry tried to kick me in the knee cap when I wrapped it with animalintex, I’m gonna say it’s probably not as broken as he insists it is. High drama. Always.

What I’m really after today though are some suggestions/input from the hive mind about something totally non-horse related (sorry) but I know there are a lot of spin bike fans out there so I’m hoping someone can point me the right direction.

I’m looking for some kind of desk or shelf that would attach to my bike that would allow me to set a laptop on it. I do my classes every morning on my phone and that’s fine, but I’d like to be able to sit on my bike and spin a little when I’m stuck in long boring meetings or falling down into an hours-deep rabbit hole on stallions (ok that’s horse related), and I need my laptop for that.

They make these little trays for Pelaton bikes, but I’m definitely far too horse poor (ok that’s also horse related) to own an actual Pelaton bike, mine is a cheap no-frills Amazon special. The handlebars of mine are shaped quite a lot different, they’re more sloped, so I don’t think the Pelaton one would set on them very well.

my handlebars

Anyone have any suggestions for something that might work with my handlebars that would allow me to set my laptop up on? I just need a little tray or shelf that hooks around them somehow…

6 thoughts on “NHR, but help me find…

  1. Search for “hospital bed table” or “overbed” table. Not pretty but should do the trick. It works on my TT bike for that purpose and shouldn’t take up floorspace not already shadowed by the bike itself.

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    1. Yes, I came here to suggest that. The slope of the handles makes me think that you’re not going to get a good stable rest for something as fragile as a laptop, especially if the bike moves at all while you’re cycling. You might want to look into a separate apparatus built over it to hold things. You could probably put something together yourself with scrap wood too.


  2. Is there a way possibly to adjust the angle of the handles on the bike? It looks like maybe if you loosen some bolts you can alter the bar that attaches the handles to the bike, therefore tilting the handle angle? Or maybe not just thought it might be an option!


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