It’s In The Blood: Red Hills 2021

Yes, fellow breeding nerds, it’s time for the first In The Blood post of 2021!

Red Hills Horse Trials Announces 2020 Horse Trials Dates – The Tally Wire

This is “just” a 4*S, which normally I wouldn’t really cover, but it’s the first big event of 2021 and we’ve got some possible LRK3DE entries in the field alongside some exciting up and coming horses, so let’s take a look!

It’s always interesting to me with big US events to see which horses are North American-bred and which ones are imports. Seeing NA-bred horses as the top levels of our sport makes me super happy, and it’s important for people to see that we indeed can and do produce that caliber of horse on this side of the pond. It’s good strong representation for us in this field, with 11 of the 30 entrants (36%) born and bred in North America.

Country Comparison: US vs. Canada |

As is pretty typical at this level, the average blood percentage of the field is 57%, although if you drop all of the full TB’s from the equation it drops to 51%. That would be low if this was a 4*L or 5*, but not really unusual for a 4*S. The lowest blood % horse in the field is FE Golden Eye at only 23% (but who’s damsire is the extremely well-proven eventing sire Contendro).

It’s also a pretty strong field if you’re a fan of the OTTB. We’ve got 4 in attendance, and these guys really do a good job of showing how hard-knocking a good TB can be. Among them we’ve got two of the oldest horses in the field in 18yo Cecelia by Connecticut xx (Ogygian xx/Secretariat xx) out of Penny Stock xx (Spend a Buck xx/Affirmed xx) and 16yo AP Prime by Aptitude xx (AP Indy xx/Northern Dancer xx) out of Czarina Kate xx (The Prime Minister xx/Sunpower xx). Plus there’s 10yo Sorocaima by Rock Hard Ten xx (Kris S xx/Mr Prospector xx) out of Sankobasi xx (Pulpit xx/Northern Jove xx), who was also at one time a CANTER listing, that had a racing career that spanned 4 years and included 43 starts.

Rock Hard Ten sold to Korean interests - Horse Racing News | Paulick Report
Rock Hard Ten

As usual it’s the warmblood jumping lines that dominate the majority of the field though, particularly the Q and C jumping lines. That’s… to be expected by now I think? Irish Sporthorses have some good representation, with one stallion, US-based Irish Sporthorse Formula One, having two offspring in the field – full siblings Landmark’s Monaco and Landmark’s Monte Carlo. These two brothers were bred by Jackie Mars and are out of a full TB mare, making them 88% blood.

While we don’t have any others that are quite that closely related, a few stallions do pop up in more than one pedigree within the first few generations. Dutch stallion Mr Blue is the sire of Qorry Blue D’Argouges and the damsire of Rubens D’ysieux. Irish stallion Puissance is the damsire of two horses in the field – Fernhill Limited Edition and K.E.C. Zara. Puissance’s TB sire Imperius xx is also the damsire of Jack of Diamonds, who is represented by offspring Islandwood Captain Jack.

Mr Blue | The Horse Magazine
Mr. Blue

Several horses in the field also come from widely talented performance families, with a mix of dressage and showjumping success. Quidproquo’s sire jumped through 1.50m showjumping. Fidelius 35’s sire showed through Grand Prix level dressage. Global EX’s dam jumped through 1.30m showjumping. Magnum Martini’s sire jumped through 1.50m level showjumping. Flower Girl’s sire competed through 1.50m showjumping. Ruben’s dam competed at 1.60m showjumping. FE Golden Eye’s sire showjumped to 1.60m level. Prophet’s sire Tatendrang, a US-based Trakehner, sire competed through Advanced level eventing. Vermont’s sire Van Helsing competed through 1.60m showjumping (and is sired by Valentino, who stands at stud in North America) and Vermont’s dam also produced two other FEI level event horses (both by – guess who – Contendro).

Van Helsing: jumper, 7 exclusive videos, pedigree, ratings - rimondo
Van Helsing

Vermont isn’t the only one with a good-producing mother: Dutch Times has a whopping 7 full siblings, including one competing at PSG dressage. K.E.C. Zara’s dam produced two other FEI level eventers from different sires. FE Coldplay’s dam also produced a 1.35m showjumper. Voltaire de Tre’s dam also produced a 1.30m showjumper and a 1.40m showjumper. Ms Poppins’ dam has also produced two 1.30m showjumpers.

It is indeed in the blood, y’all.

Who are your favorites for Red Hills?

12 thoughts on “It’s In The Blood: Red Hills 2021

  1. That Irish stallion is interesting but it’s owned by DE? Ugh… that sucks lol

    Holly Jack Smithers horses are both OTTB also.

    Thanks for taking the time again to put this together.


    1. Yeah that’s always been one of the bummers about Formula One. He has some nice offspring though.

      Holly only has one horse entered in the 4*S and it’s Candy King, who isn’t an OTTB.


  2. I’m asking this question as someone who is really trying to learn more….
    As someone who really tries to promote the classically bred ISH (RID/TB cross) I struggle with the fact that any horse who was bred in Ireland can now be stamped an ISH.
    But that’s perhaps a discussion for another day…
    So, I appreciate that you talk about blood in your posts, because that’s really black and white, rather than how many of this breed or that breed are represented. Because, is it just me, or does breed really not mean as much anymore? I honestly don’t know- and am asking as someone who is constantly confused by what breed a horse is when it’s sire or dam are not that breed. Has the word sporthorse become a modern term? Or has it always been that way? How is the German Sporthorse or Canadian Sporthorse a breed? Or is it not? It’s just a registry? This may be way too much of a conversation for right now, but just thought I’d just share my confusion


    1. It’s mostly because the ISH registry is really more like “American Warmblood” – pretty much as long as it’s bred in Ireland and is sporty it can get ISH papers. Which does make it very confusing to people who don’t know that – you might have a cart horse cross, a full tb, a full warmblood, or an ID/TB or any mix of any of those things all within the ISH title. “Breed” doesn’t really apply to any sporthorses except Trakehners, since they’re the only ones with a closed book. Which is why it’s a huge pet peeve of mine when someone says “I love Dutch Warmbloods” or something… $20 says the Dutch WB you love so much is probably mostly Holsteiner lol. That’s def why it’s super important to look at the actual pedigree and not just the registry!

      I did a post about this a while back, talking about breeding terminology and what it actually means.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Yes- I remember that post. I’ll go back and refresh my memory-especially on terminology. And I agree. Even saying “I love the ISH” makes me twitch a bit these days because they are all completely different breeds. Thanks


  4. I missed out on a full sister to Dutch Times as a broodmare last fall by about 2 hours. Someone snapped her up right away for like $1200. She’d done through the 1.30s but had gotten hurt.

    Don’t really have any favorites, but have to pull for Prophet because Anissa bred him and she was so proud of him. Sad she is not here to see him go.


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