It can’t always be glitter and rainbows…


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Someone should cut off my Epplejeck access. Why to the European tack stores always have the best, cheapest stuff? It’s unfair. Back in January I convinced Hillary to go halfies with me on an order because there were a few navy glitter (#navyglitter4lyfe) things that I had been wanting but needed a good “excuse” to pull the trigger. A sale plus splitting shipping was a great excuse, if I do say so myself. I nabbed navy glitter gloves, navy glitter tights, and a navy glitter helmet.

It was all either on sale or really cheap anyway so I didn’t feel too bad about it. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect really, you’re always guessing a bit at sizing and quality with unfamiliar brands, especially when it’s inexpensive, but… navy glitter. Worth the risk. And luck was on my side (or the universe approved of my purchases?) because everything fits and I like it all. I was skeptical that the glove size chart had me in a medium because I have big ol’ man hands and long fingers – I wear an 8 or 8.5 glove. But indeed, the medium does fit, and they’re delightfully glittery but still relatively subtle about it. They’re in the Roeckl style which is quite nice, the only thing they’re missing is the touch screen fingertips. A slight bummer, but they were also 1/3 the price of Roeckls, so I’m not complaining too much.

The next item was the navy tights. I waffled on these forever, because 1) tights are a hard one to get right, I dislike way more of them than I like, 2) they only had silicone-dot full seats. I’m generally not a fan of full seat unless they’re REALLY not sticky at all, and not being able to see them in person, it was a tossup. Plus their stock photo is so dark you really can’t see any details at all. But in the end the idea of dark navy glitter fabric won me over and I said what the hell, and chucked them into the cart. Again they were cheap, cheaper than pretty much any other pair of tights I own, and I figured I could always sell them if I didn’t like them. I also had to completely take a stab in the dark on the size, which is always fun. At least tights tend to be a little more forgiving than breeches.

its so hard to get a good pic of these

Once again though, the stars aligned, and they fit! Plus they’re really beautiful. The glitter is pretty subtle so I’m not even sure you’d notice from more than 15′ away, but up close there’s a ridiculously satisfying amount of twinkle in the sunlight. I keep staring at them. If it’s overcast you’d have to be right up next to them to see it, really. I’m relieved that they aren’t too in-your-face. They wouldn’t give too many trainers heart attacks, I don’t think. Plus the fabric is nice and thin which is good for Texas, and the silicone dots are just about the least sticky thing I’ve ever seen. They don’t feel any different from any of my knee patch breeches when I’m in the saddle, which to me is a plus. I’ve basically been living in these things. glitter

Last but not least in that package (subtle foreboding) was the helmet. This one was another thing I waffled over forever, but it was on sale for under $100 and it was just… really pretty. I always did dressage in my navy Samshield but that one is now past its expiration, and I killed my navy Traumavoid when I fell out of the tack room last year. My only navy helmet left is my MyPS, which I wear daily at home, thus its kinda been scratched up from low-hanging branches and the like. Plus, I love that helmet, but it lacks a little… show ring pizazz. You know what has pizazz? This.

I’ve never tried on the BR brand before so I had no clue if it would fit me, plus I was kind of in-between shell sizes, but… what the heck. That thing was gorgeous. Plus sale. Have I mentioned sale? Worth a shot. Miraculously it fits me pretty darn well (it could be a teeny smidge more oval, but it’s soclose) and it’s gorgeous. Like even more gorgeous in person.

3 for 3. That’s some luck right there.

The only disappointment is that they still didn’t have those navy glitter boots in stock, the ones that pulled me into Epplejeck in the first place last fall. I’d tried to go order them about a hundred times but the sizes I needed were never in stock. When I inquired about restocking dates, they said they weren’t sure. I gave up a bit, honestly, but I still checked back regularly.

And then a couple weeks later I got another email about another sale… this time a buy 2 get one free. I’m very much into that. This was just a few days after I’d had that dream about the rainbow box, which was still nagging at me, so I meandered over to the site thinking “Ok universe…” I do this a lot, where I declare things to the universe and leave it to fate as if that somehow absolves me of decision-making or responsibility “if they have the boots in stock, and the rainbow box in stock, AND all of them qualify for the BOGO sale, I’ll know that I’m meant to have them.”. And, well, hell… what do you know. After 4 months of checking for those boots, they were FINALLY in stock in M and L. Tossed a front pair in the cart, then a back pair, then meandered over and tossed a rainbow box in too. Then I went to the cart to see if it qualified for the BOGO and damn, y’all, it did.

The universe has spoken - spongebob rainbow | Meme Generator

Now I should say, this was before I decided to keep Presto in training and battened down the hatches on non-essential spending. I wouldn’t have done a lil’ mini splurge if I’d already decided that. So I’ve spent the past couple weeks waiting for the package to get here (seriously Chicago customs, 10 days?) feeling really guilty about it. Then I opened it, was greeted with sparkles and rainbows, and honestly… don’t feel that guilty anymore. If I was gonna get one last package of fun to get me through the next however many months of strict budgeting, this was definitely the box to do it.

First the boots.

They are, without a doubt, the most perfect shade of navy. I love that only the straps are glittery, I feel like they’ll wear better and it’s a little more subtle. They fit Henry perfectly, which makes me think they might be a little small on Presto (which is who I really bought them for) but whatever. I’m obsessed. Dear all equestrian companies: this is the navy I want.

As for the box. Y’all. I understand now why I dreamed about it. This thing is magical. From 10+ feet away, it looks like a normal metal grooming box. Nothing fun to see here.

But then you get closer and you start to really see the holographic effect and it’s like bam.

Then real close: BAM!

It’s so pretty.

I’m still deciding what I’m gonna put in there. I think probably my braiding stuff and all my little show-specific things like boot polish and green spot remover and sharpies and safety pins and hair nets and sunscreen etc etc etc. It’s a pretty good size and I love the mirror in the top.

So really, no regrets here. It was a good last hurrah that’ll last me a while I think. What are the odds that I would like all 6 things? I won’t question my luck on this one. Next time we’re in Europe, if/when they ever let us back in, you can bet that a visit to one of the Epplejeck stores will definitely be happening. I feel like they really get my navy glitter/subtle rainbow aesthetic…

14 thoughts on “It can’t always be glitter and rainbows…

  1. I love all of it… Navy glitter is totally my jam. Is there any chance you could give me the exact height and width of the boots (both sizes?) My horse is a SUPER tricky fit but I want them very badly now that I have seen your picture. VERY. BADLY.


  2. that is a lot of sparkles and shine in one post. hmm but one thing I did get is HIllary’s bridle she bought on there LOL….it doesnt sparkle but its pretty gorgeous. LOL


  3. This might be the wrong time to ask, since you are focused on covering Presto’s Florida trip, but have you check out the Great British Equinery of Indiana at Most of their items would be of interest to eventers. They sell John Whitaker and Mark Todd products as well as much more. I am not an eventer, but I ride both English and Western. I found Great British Equinery while looking for fly masks and ended up purchasing two Harrison Howard Fly Masks that I really like. They went on to support my blog by sending me free items to sample and review. Here is a link to a blog post about all the reviews I did for them during 2020


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