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So, the day that I finally decided to send Presto off for training, I may or may not have possibly sort of perhaps freaked out and bought a spin bike.


It’s not anything fancy like a Peloton, I definitely don’t roll that deep, it’s just a very basic no frills Amazon special that no one would ever fawn over but it gets the job done. It finally showed up on Wednesday and honestly since it had been 3 weeks since I ordered it (one and a half of which was the winter storm subreality from hell) I had forgotten about it. Surprise! It was pretty easy to put together at least, and she’s got a really nice spot on my back porch where I can look out at something besides a wall and get a nice breeze.

When I was going to the gym all the time, spin was my absolute favorite thing. Well ok, tied with swimming. It’s a lot harder to have a pool at home though. Spin was the only actual class I would take though, being an anti-social crowd hater and introvert… I have to REALLY love something to do it in public at all. And I don’t know why but there’s something about swinging a leg over a bike that makes me really “ride or die” (this was true when I competed in triathlons too) and suddenly I become competitive AF. Mostly with myself. I used to prefer sitting right in front of the class instructor so I could force myself to match them as exactly as I could. I am not like this at all with running, or yoga, or… most other things in the world. I have a lot of quit in me when it comes to those things. But on a bike I’ll go until the bitter end and push myself past my limit with little to no prompting.

My second favorite sport. Wish I still had time for it.

I’d kind of forgotten that aspect of myself, until I did my first class and swore I could taste my lungs. Now, I’ll admit that I’m also too cheap to get any kind of app. And I don’t own an iPad or anything, so I just set my little phone on the bike to do classes. I’m not really into paying for it, so I found a few youtube channels with instructors I like and added a bunch of their classes to a list for myself, and just play the videos on my phone. So far I’m plenty pleased with that. I don’t really need the competitive nature of being in a virtual class with others, since I’m seemingly perfectly happy to try to kill myself on my own. Anyway, all of this to say that I’ve kind of gotten sucked into a youtube rabbit hole lately, and this is only one of the ways. Aside from the spin classes, most of it has been for horse-related content.

I posted Piggy March’s youtube channel a couple weeks ago and it remains a fun one for me. I like how she talks through the exercises she does and explains what she’s trying to get out of it, or how she troubleshoots.

I’ve also branched off into a couple other people’s youtube channels, especially Courtney Cooper and Cathy Wieschhoff. There are some useful tidbits in there, no matter what discipline you do. I love educational things like this, and seeing different people’s perspective on things. Never know what new things you might pick up!

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For non-youtube stuff, there have a been a couple interesting things posted lately. For those who missed the first USEF Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion meeting and discussion you can replay it here on USEF Network. They covered a lot of great topics and I learned a lot. Definitely worth the watch. I think you do need a fan membership to watch USEF Network, so if you don’t already have one you can get a free one for the year with code SCOTTSDALE21. You’ll want it anyway before the LRK3DE coverage starts!

One other interesting one – USEA has been posting more educational videos, especially around the YEH and FEH programs. These programs and how they’re judged can be super confusing to outsiders or those that are new to it, especially because YEH is judged differently from regular horse trials, but unless you’ve attended judging symposiums you might not know quite what they’re looking for. The one most recently posted is about judging gaits, which is interesting not just from a YEH or young horse perspective, but from a general dressage perspective as well. You can hear a lot of the discussion about what scores they would give each horse for each gait and why. Definitely interesting!

Have you seen any good educational videos lately that are worth a share? Drop them in the comments!

5 thoughts on “Watch List

  1. LOL – I actually just bought a budget bike off of Amazon, too. My knees suck and they were letting me know that they had enough of the treadmill. I am happy to pedal away while I watch TV. Although I would probably get a better workout if I did some kind of cycling video.


  2. Split the peloton app with someone! I think you can have 3 people per account, sooo like 5 bucks each. There are SO many classes, not just spin. I did it with my amazon bike for about 6 months … then I won a peloton. Which I love, but would totally still use the app if I hadn’t won mine


  3. Also impulse purchased a spin bike off of Amazon recently lol. Get lots of upper body exercise at work (landscaping) but needed something for the lower half. No excuse not to get sweaty just because it’s raining – which has been 24/7 lately. Care to share any of the spin classes you found? Thanks!


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