I’m sad that Foal Friday is over. I’m not ready. And while it’s true that I can no longer offer you cute lil fluffy foal antics to brighten up your Friday, I do have one very entertaining clown in residence here who is majoring in Shenaniganry.

He is undoubtedly the star of my Instagram stories, and there’s rarely a day that goes by where he isn’t up to some kind of mischief. A lot of it is ball-related, for sure.

murder in progress
you gotta admit, it’s savage to wear the skin of one victim while murdering another

Even that time he got his foot stuck in a hole in the ball’s cover and my first reaction was the one you’d have if a normal horse did that, where your heart stops in panic at all the bad shit that’s about to go down. But no, I own Presto. So after I scurried over to “rescue” him he glared at me and immediately tried to put his foot back in. He was proud of his equine Skip-It and thought it was rad.

I took his ball away for some surgery after that, because I’m not into heart attacks, thanks

This is also how he’s murdered 3 balls and 2 covers in the past month, which is also why he is currently ball-less. There’s a point at which this habit of his becomes too expensive to fund. He’s been put on a ball-a-month budget.

Although him not having a ball is mostly a punishment to the rest of us. Especially Henry and (to a lesser degree) Quinnie. He and Henry have been playing a lot of Holdy Chins, a modified version of Bitey Face. I haven’t quite figured out all the rules yet, but from what I can tell the gist of this game is to see who can bite the other’s chin the hardest and who can tolerate having their chin bitten for the longest. I have no idea how points are awarded.

It’s a very Henry-esque game if you think about it, and Henry usually wins. Although I think sometimes he cheats.

Presto has tried to get Henry to play with the ball with him, but Henry remains terrified of it and wants nothing to do with it. So naturally Presto likes to nudge it at him sometimes for fun.

Presto’s attempts to engage Quinnie never go very well, but that doesn’t stop him from trying at least once a day, if not more. They usually end with him evacuating her private space pretty quickly, often with flair.

He’s decided Henry is the easier target, or maybe it’s just that he doesn’t respect Henry’s authority as much.

Personal space? What’s that?
excuse me, I’m trying to have a pleasant hack here!

Not that he really seems to respect my authority very much either. Like the other day when I went to take his blanket off and he was napping, and absolutely REFUSED to get up. I ended up taking the blanket off around him and then yanking it out from underneath him like a tablecloth. Which was NOT very easy by the way.


And then yesterday when I went to take his blanket off he removed the hood of my jacket. Twice. He’s learned that it snaps, which apparently is really satisfying to yank off. Turd.

BTW, this is all just stuff that’s gone on THIS WEEK. Every day is like this. It’s not a matter of if he’s up to no good, it’s just how bad is whatever he’s doing?

You definitely can’t be bored with him around though. He’s got me laughing multiple times a day. Yelling a lot too (he might think his name is NO), but, ya know….

11 thoughts on “Shenaniganry

  1. How dare you take away is newly-invented, state-of-the-art Equine Skip it! Such an uncool Mom move!

    OMG I would have died at the sight of that. You have done a great job of training this little boy to accept everything and not freak out. What an absolute goon who is living his best life. I second the idea of maybe commissioning a local auto upholstery or shoe repair place to make him a better cover out of a super tuff, thick material – it would be really interesting to see what they come up with. This boy needs an industrial -strength ball cover!


  2. I want different companies and/or individuals to start “sponsoring” his balls! You could sharpie marker the company name on the cover and they’d get free-ish publicity. Why has no one offered to do that yet?! We could take it one step further and make it a weird betting thing we we guess how long before the new ones get destroyed!

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