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As I mentioned a couple weeks ago, Presto is officially entered in the 2021 US Event Horse Futurity. And as I also mentioned, while he’s not entered with the intention of winning, he’s definitely entered with the intention of representing. Especially his home farm and namesake (ok, suffix-sake?) Willow Tree Warmbloods. By the time I’m done everyone will know where Like Magic WTW came from. I’m proud of what my friend Michelle has built so far with her breeding program, and I’m also proud to be a part of it. So, one of the first orders of business is acquiring a few WTW-branded pieces for Presto’s wardrobe. If you’re gonna represent, you gotta have swag, and since this is a serious professional endeavor, he needs some serious professional swag.

because if ever a kid has been totally synonymous with “serious” and “professional” …

Well ok back up one step… the actual first order of business was acquiring him a pro rider for his planned summer on the East Coast. I talked about that in the last post too but it hadn’t been totally ironed out yet at that point. Now they have – discussions have been had and loose plans (because horses) have been made and right now the plan is that he’ll go to Will Faudree in the summer. There were two big draws about Will – 1) he and Michelle actually grew up in the same town and knew each other when they were kids, so it’s like one big Texas-themed team here. 2) he already has a horse exactly like Presto- Mama’s Magic Way. Like after talking to Will about him in the past it’s creepy how similar those two horses are when it comes to how they think and act, so I thought it might be an advantage to have someone who already understands how this horse ticks. The exact timeline is a little up the air due to the Olympics and/or 5*’s, but that can be figured out later.

Anyway, let’s return to the swag. Despite the fact that I myself have a lot of WTW logo attire (jackets, tech shirts, polo shirts, hats, decals, etc) the only thing Presto has is a scrim sheet that I ordered a couple years ago when Triple Crown had a 35% off sale during Black Friday.

It didn’t really turn out as navy as I wanted but it’s still pretty

Otherwise though he is without any WTW swag, something we certainly have to remedy before the Futurity starts.

The most obvious things of course are a saddle pad and a bonnet. My first thought for saddle pad was a Mattes, especially since there’s a 25% off Hufglocken code. They’re pricier, but they’re definitely professional and elegant looking. It would be a show pad, of course, so white, and jump shape makes more sense since 2/3 of the phases are jumping.

And that’s as far as I got. Because if there’s one thing the Hufglocken Mattes configurator has, it’s options. Too many options. I become completely crippled with indecision. I built about 9 million (okay maybe it was closer to 7 or 8, whatever) different options, could not choose a clear favorite, got entirely overwhelmed, and ran away.

There are cheaper options too though. Option one, I could buy him a white Premier Equine merino wool jump pad. Or, for about the same price as the one Mattes pad I could buy him both a jump and dressage Premier Equine merino wool pad. I hopped on their website to do just that and SON-OF-A-B pretty much all of their merino wool pads are entirely sold out. Still are, weeks later. Womp womp.

Of course, I DO already have white PE jump and dressage merino wool pads. They’re Henry’s show pads. I could just commandeer them, get the WTW logo embroidered on them, and be done with it. Granted, I wouldn’t want to show Henry in said WTW pads, so he’d then be show-pad-less, but ya know… CLEARLY that isn’t much of an issue right now. That would certainly be the cheapest option. I’m still waffling.

For bonnets there WAS one thing I decided pretty easily – I want one of those mesh and faux leather ones. They look super sleek and professional and I think it would look awesome with the WTW logo embroidered on it. But then I got stuck in the same way I got stuck at Hufglocken. What colors do I do? Navy and white is the simplest, for sure. Could also do a black bonnet with navy trim and white piping, to be even more subtle on the horse’s head. Or we could bring Presto’s green into it and do a navy bonnet with green trim and white piping. Or a navy bonnet with navy trim and white and green piping.

Companies should not offer custom things to people like me. We’re shit at making decisions. I need other people’s input, because I’m stuck. Halp?

Other than a bonnet and saddle pads, what else do y’all think he needs? I really really really really really am DYING to get him a Kentucky show rug and have that embroidered, and even had it in my cart a few times during Black Friday, but I just couldn’t pull the trigger. I really want one for both Presto and Henry because I’m obsessed with them, but omg they’re so expensive. Even when they were on sale during BF. I just COULDN’T do it. Now I have regrets, because they’re pretty and I want them. I’ve been looking around at some knockoffs – there are some with that same faux sheepskin neck that could also be used as a cooler, which would maybe be more practical, if less luxe. I dunno. I’m waffling on that too.

Kentucky Horsewaer Show Rug, 160g | Horze

Thoughts, opinions, input? I know, I’m crazy. Presto needs to look sharp for his first real “public appearance” though, and custom stuff can take a while, so now is the time!

15 thoughts on “Swag it up

  1. I absolutely LOVE the Mattes pads and won’t talk about how many I have. Not sure when you need it, but I placed an order in early September and the pad is finally ready, but still in Australia, at the shipping location, waiting to go out.

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  2. If I were you I’d get a navy thermatex rug instead of the kentucky one and get it embroidered in Austin. They cost a bit less and you can get them in different weights (because Texas, how often do you really need a warm one especially for more than $200). I have two and I adore them.
    Navy bonnet with the green and white accents. Done and done. Don’t get black.
    Def get the Mattes pad. If you wait for the PE it’ll be next October it sounds like…..


  3. Not sure if this helps at all with the indecision, but the PE pads supposedly will be restocked in the new year, in an updated version. I emailed them about it a couple weeks ago because I was concerned that they were being discontinued.


  4. If it’s helpful my favourite is the navy with green trim/white piping bonnet and the top left saddle pad… then you’ve got both Presto’s colours covered and they’ll match whatever else he’s wearing, even if it’s just blue OR green. All options are nice though, you really can’t go wrong!!


  5. I’ve ordered two different Mattes items from Hufglocken and was not disappointed. I also have a PE merino wool lined pad that I’m really happy with.

    However, I’d like to plug an equestrian-owned small business. The Hangry Mare, owned by a lady named Simone, makes really quality products. She rode at our barn when she was stationed here in the Army, but has since moved. However, almost everyone in our barn has at least one of her bonnets (including me) and I would definitely buy another. They are the mesh tech style bonnets and while the one I have doesn’t have the faux leather trim, it would be worth messaging her to see if it’s something she could get. She also makes merino wool lined pads and I’m certain would be happy to customize it in any colors you need, plus embroider it. Here is a link to her etsy page, but she also has lots of examples of her work on Facebook and Instagram.



  6. I vote for the Mattes pad in white with the white binding and double navy piping. It is simple and classic…and a touch different.

    For the bonnet, I would do the Navy with navy binding and white piping. again simple and classic.


  7. I like the top right Mattes. I am surprised the PE are cheaper honestly, I bought a month ago, a custom mattes and a full set of eskadrons and it was $224 shipped CAD from them. I can’t get over how crazy cheap they are right now with the discount.


  8. Love the mesh bonnets! Are they by equifit or another brand? I’ve been looking into ordering another bonnet, but would love something that isn’t knit. My vote is the mattes pad at the top left and the navy/white/green bonnet to match!


  9. Yard/stable gate with WTW logo on it. Obvs matchy matchy halter/wraps to go with the rug too 🙂
    And seeing as too many options for colour/binding etc is blowing your mind already, have you met Equiport….? https://www.equiport.co.uk – you can configure damn near everything, they embroider too, and it’s the perfect place to get a full suite of swag! Plus they also do Kentucky.
    And finally, paint up a grooming box and stick the WTW logo on, and have a stable hanger bag made up with the logo. Ringside bag with logo too?


  10. I vote for Mattes, definitely do the blue binding as white on the edges stains quickly. For the bonnet, navy with navy trim and green and white piping. I’d do the pad to match (but in white for the main color obviously).


  11. I think you should embroider the PE pads you have now for Presto, then buy new ones for Henry when they are back in stock. That way you do t have to worry about getting stuff shipped in time, and you also get two new pads (for Hen) at the price of one Mattes. I LOVE my PE pads, and don’t think the quality of Mattes is so much better that it justifies the price difference (although I understand their endless color combinations are a draw!)


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