The One(s) That Got Away

As I mentioned last week, I had a little bit of post-Black Friday regret. For the most part I feel like I did a good job of stocking up on the things I needed and getting good deals on the few things that maybe weren’t quite so needed. But there was one big item that I lusted after, added to cart about a dozen times, then didn’t follow through on – those Kentucky show rugs. Mostly because I couldn’t find one shop that managed to both a) have a good price on sale (10% was not enough) b) have both the navy and the green on sale (a few places didn’t include the green, a special seasonal color, in the sale). But also because honestly they are ungodly expensive, even if they ARE on sale. Like, did my horses really need $400 stable rugs?

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I mean, I am expert YOLO-er/Treat-Yo-Self-er but even I have my limits. Partly because in the back of my mind I know that those rugs are probably a little too heavy to get much use down here in the south, no matter how beautiful they are. Stupid practicality, always ruining everything.

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I am sort of in love with those fleecy neck collar rugs though. They look so cozy. Plus I think they’d look extra cute with the WTW logo embroidered on them. Sharp. Classy. Fancy. And fluffy. So fluffy.

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So since then I’ve been on the prowl for something similar, but less expensive. I’m not too good for a knockoff. Originally I really was hunting for green, but all the ones I found were either the wrong shade (too teal, too bright, etc) or had huge branding already on them. Ugh why these brands gotta plaster their logo all huge on it? Don’t they know that’s what I’m trying to do? I also needed something that was relatively lightweight, definitely under 200g and preferably more like 100g. Oh, and a good enough price to where I wouldn’t feel like I was just setting money on fire. Eventually I gave up on finding that at all in green and continued the search in navy. And it took me a few weeks, but I did finally stumble across one.

It was in a tack shop in the Nederlands of course, because why wouldn’t it be. The price was very right though, and shipping wasn’t bad. They also had a cooler version of it, in fleece, for even cheaper, AND it was on sale.

Originally I was gonna buy two of the same thing, one for each boy so they matched, but the more I thought about it the more I was like… maybe I should just get one of each. I could get them both embroidered with the WTW logo, and when Presto goes out in “public” he’d have both a cooler and a stable rug to use. At home I could use them on whichever boy needed whichever thing. Practicality winning out again.

Of course, the cooler is fleece. Generally I am very anti-fleece. I hate static, and I hate things sticking to it. I tend to be a wool-or-die kinda gal. But having had a fleece cooler that I picked up on a whim for $5 (it was an awards cooler from a freejumping competition in Europe and it made me sad that someone was selling it, how could I refuse? I gave it to a great home.), even I can grudgingly admit that sometimes there is a good time and place for fleece. Sometimes. And it’s easy to embroider. And the price was really really really right. So I caved. One stable rug and one cooler, added to cart.

And naturally, before I went to checkout, I did what any self-respecting shopper would do and perused the website thoroughly to make sure there was nothing else I, er, needed. Rule #1 of buying from overseas: if you’re going to pay shipping from Europe, you might as well make it worth your while. And omg did I ever find something.

Indeed those are the prettiest navy glitter fleecey boots I’ve ever seen. They’re a super dark, rich navy, and since only the straps are glittery they aren’t too much. Also on sale, also really cheap. I added a pair of Medium and a pair of Large to my cart and completed my purchase with a smug sense of satisfaction, since everything I ordered was still cheaper than ONE Kentucky rug.

Alas, the boots weren’t meant to be, as the company contacted me the next day to say that they were sold out and didn’t know exactly when they’d be back in stock. Womp womp. My options were to cancel the boots from the order, switch to another color, or they’d wait and ship the whole order when the boots were available. The black ones were really pretty too and I briefly considered those, but… no. They also had green, but it was more of an army/olive green, not quite MY green, so again… no. Neither of those put stars in my eyes like the navy ones. And since they had no idea when those would be back in stock, I had to let the boots go. Many sads. Much tragedy. I will totally order them once they’re back though, because I’m in love.

So at the end of this I got a cooler and a rug in the fleecey neck style I wanted for a little over half the price of one Kentucky rug, even with the Europe shipping. They don’t make my heart sing quite as much as the Kentucky rug does, but they don’t make my wallet cry so much either. I found the middle ground. When they get here I’ll have the WTW logo added and I think they’ll look really sharp. And, hey, now I have yet another European tack shop to obsess over. Just what I needed. I already told Michelle that next time we’re in NED (if they ever let Americans into Europe again hahaha SOBBING) we’ve gotta find one of these stores.

Is there anything you passed up on Black Friday that you’re regretting now? Do you need a bad influence to talk you into it? My services are always available.

10 thoughts on “The One(s) That Got Away

  1. I’ve been waiting until Horze comes out with a knock off of those rugs because they do that well but I need to look into those. I’ve also wanted a fluffy sheet but not at the Kentucky show rug price


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