ABX for Xmas

I guess naughty horses get antibiotics for Christmas from Santa instead of coal? At least, such is the case for everyone’s favorite BabyIdiot. I have no idea what he did, but when I went to bring them in for dinner on Saturday Presto’s left front looked like a scene out of a horror film (wrong holiday, Presto).


When I found him he also had blood smeared all over his face, so it was quite the scene. Given the amount of blood I figured for sure I’d find an obvious laceration or two, although it was hard to tell exactly where given how much he’d smeared it. I washed off his face and his leg and had to do some serious digging through his long leg hair to find the source.

They didn’t look particularly deep, so I was suspicious. It was a lot of blood for a wound like that, but I searched everywhere and that’s all I could find. I went and got a flashlight and some betadine to flush it to see if I could tell whether or not there was any kind of puncture, but in case you’re wondering who ISN’T a very good patient, especially not at dinner time, especially not when you’re alone and only have one set of hands, it’s this kid. I didn’t think there was a puncture, at least not an obvious one, but I wasn’t totally confident in that. He was sound though, and the bleeding had stopped, so I finished cleaning it, gave him some bute, and figured we’d see how it looked in the morning.

And it looked 100% fine. You couldn’t even tell he’d done anything. No swelling, a little scab forming already… sweet. I cleaned it all again just to be sure, put some AluShield on it, and out he went. Sunday evening, same thing – still looked normal. And then Monday morning I was greeted with this big ol’ fat knee.


There were many expletives. Especially once I started trying cold hose this frickin horse, who has ants in his pants 24/7 and is like trying to waterboard an ADHD otter. A slightly angry one. He was still sound but the swelling was obviously alarming, and I got concerned that maybe there had indeed been a puncture that I hadn’t been able to find. I texted pics to the vet and gave him the whole backstory, and he said he’d stop by late in the afternoon since he was going to be up the street at another barn anyway.

It was dinnertime by the time he showed up, which does not make for a great Presto patient, but with me holding and distracting him the vet was able to get the area clipped and examine it more closely. There was a teeny puncture at the very top of the wound, not very deep, and he didn’t seem super concerned. He gave Presto a penicillin shot, left me with a new jar of tucoprim and a tube of bute since I needed more anyway, and said to keep cold-hosing, ride him lightly, and let him know if it doesn’t improve. Thank you for the vet bill, Presto.

All of the expensive things I’ve bought for him in the past week and he appreciates ZERO of them

I haven’t seen my vet in a while (I mean in 2019 I had a vet bill like EVERY MONTH basically and this year, comparatively, we’ve only seen him twice) so while he was there he also peeked in on Henry. They really like each other for some reason, always have, and Henry came right up to snuffle him and the vet petted him, commenting on how good and happy he looks. He thought Presto looked really good too, definitely growthy but he said you could tell he was going to be a really good-looking horse once he fills out. He’s not wrong on any of those counts. Always nice to hear someone else say what you’re thinking though.

So while I’m telling Presto that the antibiotics are his Christmas present since he’s CLEARLY on the Naughty List, what he really got was an Uncle Jimmy’s ball that I snagged during Black Friday. I thought it might be right up his alley, being that he loves food, balls, biting things, and whacking himself in the face with stuff, and I wasn’t wrong.

There is zero elegance in the fervor with which he attacks that thing. It’s kind of hilarious. I put it up on Saturday and to be honest I’m SHOCKED it’s still there. I mean, he’s managed to eat about 1/3 of it now, but I really thought for sure he’d yank it down pretty quickly and that would be the end of that. It’s a Christmas miracle.

Henry got one too, although it took him a little while to warm up to it and he’s not quite as… enthusiastic. While Presto is balls-to-the-wall attacking his, swinging it around like he’s playing tether ball, Henry mostly just stands there licking and nibbling at his. Kinda sums up their two personalities.

The surprising part is that somehow Presto is the one that stays the cleanest and Henry is the one that’s covered in it. Inevitably every morning Henry has a sticky face and ears, which then means he has shavings glued to him because dude takes some seriously deep naps in his stall.

Presto, on the other hand, remains spotless. It defies all logic, considering how many times I see that ball make contact with various parts of his head and neck (usually with a nice satisfying WHOMP).

Fingers crossed this knee de-fats itself without any further drama or somebody might also be getting a Christmas strangling. Especially if I have to coldhose this thing too many more times. Pray for me y’all.

5 thoughts on “ABX for Xmas

  1. Poor Presto. It must be a trend as my mare is also getting antibiotics for Christmas, to the tune of Minocycline to treat an apparent high chronic Lyme titer. Ugh


  2. EVERY time my TB gets a cut on his leg it swells like 2 days later to mini-elephant size..tiny cut..grotesque leg..i pannicked the first time it happened..sadly i have become numb to it now..Its always attractive as the swelling moves down the leg making it look like every joint is defective! SMH..


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