Foal Friday: The Magic Box

Yeah I know I know I know, we still need Glamour Shots sessions of Ollie and Ellie. No one has forgotten. It’s just that those require a lot more time + effort + people, which is hard to coordinate. They’ll happen at some point I promise. But we do still have a fun little photo session this week anyway! In preparation for their journey to Tennessee, the babies have been introduced to the trailer. Well, the trailer isn’t a totally new concept for some of them, like Ollie who had to go to the vet for his butt abscess. It’s always preferable to give them lots of time to check it out and get used to it first before they start the formal trailer-loading training or have to go for a ride anywhere, though, so the trailer was backed into their pasture, opened up, and left (with supervision of course) to let them check it out in their own time.

YEP dis is definitely a delivery for ME!

Ollie, being the most experienced of the babies when it comes to the trailer, took it upon himself to introduce it to all the other babies. First he summoned everyone….

Then he explained: DIS, my frenns, is a Magic Box. You gets in dis box, and it goes ZOOMZOOMZOOM and den when it stops you is in ANOTHER WORLD. Come see!

Oooooo…. aaaaahhhhhh….

Ollie: alright, there we go, all aboard! Let me just find the button to start this thing…

Both girls: He doesn’t really know how to work it does he?

Ollie: YES I DO! We just has to stand here and wait. Oakley: I think you’re full of… *poops*

Everyone: maybe dis Magic Box is broken.

Luckily Ollie is never one to be deterred for long.

Ollie: I didn’t wanna say dis before because I don’t wanna brag, but I’m also a mechanic! Let’s take a look under the hood here and see–


Ollie: Um, yeah… totally! That’s what I was gonna say! Let’s bite it!

Ollie, whispering quietly to himself: please work Magic Box, I wuv you…

Alas, despite their best efforts, no amount of biting could make the Magic Box work. Luckily even a broken magical box, while incapable of transporting you to other worlds, is still a really fun thing to explore and hang out in. Well, for some anyway.

Ellie: everything the light touches is my kingdom!

Ollie: UM, who put dees windows SO HIGH? Dis a discrimination box!

Ellie: Oh hey, I found a hooman-in-da-box.

Ollie: Oh good! Excuse me hooman, I need to speak to a manager. Dis Magic Box is BROKEN and also it keeps telling me I’m SHORT. You call dis a chest bar? Dis a THROAT BAR! I’m NOT short, I’M FUN SIZE!!! Dis is a VERY MEAN BOX!!! One star Yelp review!

And where was Remi during all this, you may ask? Hanging out with his emotional support animal, Sadie, of course. He’s no fool.

Remi: haha, suckers! Have fun with your dumb broken box!

Maybe next time the box will be a little more magical. Happy Friday everyone!

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