Distraction via ponies

I’m gonna just… read the room here this morning and guess that none of us are really up for anything mentally taxing or stressful, right?

do I have any fingernails left? no.

At least, I know I can’t. My brain needs to be distracted by happier, prettier, preferably 4-legged things. And it just so happens that it’s Irish auction season again, and this year they’ve moved to offer online bidding, and thus greatly improved their online catalogues. Not that I could afford to import anything, but ya know. It’s fun to LOOK. Although definitely insert my usual diatribe about please buy American-bred horses whenever possible, because y’all know how I feel about that. But it just so happens that I need a distraction BAD, and there are Irish auctions online with lots of pretty pictures and videos and horses GALORE, and I will window shop my worries away because I’ve been raised in a materialistic society and that’s how we cope with our feelings OKAY?

So here ya go:



I’ve made it through all the Goresbridge horses but granted only about 1/3 of Monart. I fell in love before I even made it out of the first row at Goresbridge and nothing else has yet to compare. Anyone who reads this blog and knows of my admitted Tullabeg Fusion stalking obsession will be quick to spot the one I fell for.

Lot 4, please and thank you

She’s definitely not the fanciest horse in the sale, but true to Tullabeg Fusion’s typical style she looks genuine, forward-thinking, and uncomplicated. And she’s a mare. And she’s golden. Check, check, and check. What organs do I not really need and how much are they worth on the black market? Just curious.

Someday I’ll get my golden Tullabeg Fusion filly. Someday.

I’m also drawn to all the Ramiro B’s pretty much without fail, which also isn’t a surprise. My second favorite pick though is one for Michelle, a pretty 3yo filly that could do double duty as a sporthorse and broodmare. Because I’m SUCH A GOOD FRIEND. Granted, she just bought a filly in Germany so this one is definitely not happening, but now we’re both drooling over horses we can’t have. That’s what friends are for.

Ironically her sire Dignified stands at the same farm as Tullabeg Fusion, so I’ve seen a lot of his offspring too on their social media and almost always love them. Not necessarily for me to own and ride, but in general. Clearly if/when we finally make it to Ireland no one should let us within 100 miles of Tullabeg Stud or we might black out and buy a bunch of things we can’t afford. They’d all be pretty though.

What say ye, fellow window shoppers? Which ones would you want to take home? Let’s look at ponies for a while instead of the news.

12 thoughts on “Distraction via ponies

  1. Did you see the Tullabeg Fusion mare out of a Ramiro B dam?
    They posted her a a while ago on fb… I thought she’d be right up your alley. Not a buckskin though.

    Would Tullabeg Fusion be a good match for any of the WTW mares? Peyton, maybe?


  2. Not to mention your dun filly is produced by a 15 year old girl so she is amateur friendly! (Although that 15 year old probably has more talent than I ever will.)


  3. That filly is just the loveliest thing. Looks so genuine and like she enjoys her job, and so balanced and athletic. Do you have an idea of how much she’ll go for (never mind the slight here)?

    But can I just comment on the RIDER?? If that’s the 15-year-old girl I swear we’re looking at a future member of an Irish Olympics team. Holy moly! She’s fantastic! Too bad she can’t keep the little lady for herself, I feel sorry for her…


  4. Are we surprised I’m getting grabby hands over Lot 58? Somehow yet again they have a well-tempered plain bay with a casual look over the jumps. And yet again, I want to build my herd of fancier Frankies. If I’m going to window shop, I get to be picky about it, right?


  5. I’m not even looking. No more horses. I said no more horses this entire year, then the parents went and bought another one.
    But I fully support you getting a yellow horse. Everyone needs at least one.


  6. I’ve been tack shopping, because the only bridle I have is missing the noseband, and too large for any horse I’d want to own again. So clearly I need some Nunn Finer in my life. Or maybe Otto Schumacher sparklies. Because 1.5 bridles is a good number to have when you have 0 horses, right?


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