I’ve got to make this another short one today, the barn owners are leaving for FL this morning so I’m going to help them load/see them off, then the internet company is coming to set up the diminutive domicile with wifi, then I have to chores, then I have to squeeze 8 hours of work in. I’ll get y’all caught up on the house stuff and the horse stuff over the next few days.

Boy what a ride this last week has been though, huh? I try not to get political here often, but I’m not going to shy away from the subject when it’s on my mind, and it’s REALLY on my mind now. I think I’ve run through the entire gamut of emotions due to politics since last Tuesday.

I’m not crying you’re crying

It’s kind of weird because the deep sense of relief is also balanced with an understanding that we as a country are more divided than we’ve ever been, and there’s so much work to be done. I’m concerned about the damage that’s already been done, and what it could lead to further down the line. For now though, god it was nice to watch that speech on Saturday night and see a leader again. Dignity, respect, compassion, calls for unity, complete sentences… I’ve missed thee. It also majorly brought a tear to my eye to see so many videos of people around the world celebrating. People dancing in the streets in cities across the US, and in the UK, and church bells ringing across Europe. I’d forgotten what that feels like, seeing so much widespread joy. It lifted a little bit of the weight of 2020 off of my soul, even if only for a brief while.

Plus, like, the memes. Y’all know I love memes. We’ve even seen a resurgence of my favorite Obama/Biden memes. It’s giving me life right now.

The results of an election don’t solve all the country’s problems, not by a long shot. It’s a long, uphill slog, made even more complicated by the events of 2020. There is still a lot of work to do, maybe more now than ever. But I hope that this can be the beginning of a reboot. Seeing record numbers of voters felt amazing, especially groups who have historically not turned out to vote (and/or not been ABLE to, for myriad reasons that we as a country seriously have to address), and to have them be the ones who ultimately changed the outcome… I hope we’ve all learned from this. Seeing the true power of the people on display was amazing. And holy shit guys, we’ve FINALLY got a woman in the White House! Is there any greater sound than that of a glass ceiling being shattered?

I also hope that we – meaning all of us, no matter who you voted for – can start finding some middle ground. If we want it to work at all, we have to work together. Not just we the people but the politicians we elected and put in office as well. We as a country have to start listening to each other again, and respecting each other again. I hope we can. But what I do at least have now is hope.

And please for the love of god, stay off of Parler.

11 thoughts on “Hope

  1. My husband voted for the first time ever. My mom also told me a story about a lady who was 106 years old who came to her building to do early voting. She has been voting for 80 years….how awesome is that!

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  2. I definitely breathed a sigh of relief and a small weight that I didn’t realize I had been carrying was lifted on Saturday. The work is not done, but at least now there is some hope for progress


  3. I was so, so relieved when they finally called the election on saturday. And I am not even american!
    But Trump certainly had a negative effect over here too.


  4. Up here in Canada, the knot that’s been in my stomach ever since Rump came down his golden escalator and started spewing his filth finally began to loosen. So much healing needed and the work will be hard, but it has begun.


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