The Cherry on Top

Remember how I’ve had a relatively shit last couple weeks, between the anniversary of my mom’s passing, and her birthday, and my grandma dying of covid on my mom’s birthday, etc etc? Yeah while, Friday it got just a wee bit worse. The cherry on top of my shit sundae, if you will.

I was on my way to the barn, on the highway, when the person in front of me slammed on their brakes (they didn’t know where they were going, apparently). I almost managed to stop in time, but not quite. I barely tapped them, not enough to set off the airbags or even jostle me more than a bump would, but their tailgate was down on their tiny little truck. So wham, that thing just stabbed right through my bumper. I pulled over onto the first cross street and saw fluid absolutely pouring from the bottom of my truck. Super. Awesome. Naturally, their tailgate had the world’s tiniest dent in it.

I will say though, my insurance company and technology made everything super easy. It’s been like 10-11 years since I had a vehicle issue that required insurance involvement/a tow (that time I ran over something that fell off a construction truck), and boy have things changed. Everything is on the app, and trackable, and happens much more quickly. I called and made the claim, I had a tow truck in about 20 minutes, they took me/my truck to a shop near my house while I ordered a rental on the insurance app, and the Hertz guy came and picked me up from the body shop within 15 minutes. Modern times. They are amazing.

Something related to the AC was destroyed, and possibly the radiator is cracked. They said 1.5-2 weeks to get it all fixed up. In the meantime I have a little Nissan Altima rental, which is fun in some ways (I forget how much manhandling my truck requires until I drive something that’s very light and responsive) but when all you’ve driven for 5 years is a truck or an SUV, it’s quite alarming to have your ass like 2 feet off the ground. Especially in Texas, where everyone drives a truck or SUV. I definitely miss my truck already. I was thinking of taking Presto on another adventure to Pine Hill this weekend but clearly that’s not happening now. Hopefully it gets fixed up quickly and well, and hopefully that was the 3rd shitty thing of “bad things happening in threes” because I am about at max freakin capacity.

In better news, the pressure washer came, and I got to play with it over the weekend. Gotta say, if you’re having a shit couple weeks, I highly recommend finding some things to pressure wash. It’s cathartic as hell.

it even ended up getting most of that old rust stain out eventually

I started with a couple saddle pads and a girth, then moved on to the deck, then the deck chairs, then the side of the house, then a planter and a pot… it was getting out of control. No one really told me how freaking fun and rewarding it is to literally watch the dirt just peel away from everything you point it at. It’s like a drug. Gimme more of that sweet sweet pressure wash.

I’ve never been able to get this girth very clean in the washing machine for whatever reason

Nothing is going to be safe around me ever again now that I know about this. My saddle pads look awesome, it got out some of that deep, set-in dirt that’s been stuck in there for a while. And my girth, omg. Just washing it, it still never quite comes out looking totally clean, and there’s always lots of hair stuck all in it. It blasted almost all of it right out, it looks practically brand new now. I think the horse’s boots will be my next victim. After that, maybe the trailer. The possibilities are endless…

14 thoughts on “The Cherry on Top

  1. we got the worx power pressure want the one that is handheld. WHY hadnt i thought of using it for saddle pads….now must give it a try!! Good idea….

    I am hoping your truck is fixed fast. I am the same way when i have a rental for the first five minutes its like oh its so zippy and fun then i hate sitting with my ass on the ground and miss my truck!!


  2. I have wanted a pressure washer for so long now. I think you have pushed me to buy one for this weekend. It is the last guaranteed weekend with warm weather here after all LOL


  3. So sorry to hear about your accident. Definitely the icing on the shit cake. Or as my friend would say….that’s a real shit sandwich. I hope it’s back to its former state soon.

    I had a Nissan Altima for a day (car car has been getting hail damaged repaired for 3 weeks), but I traded it out for a Chevrolet Equinox because it was too low to the ground for me to easily get my toddler in and out without killing my already angry back (thanks parasite….I mean baby).

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  4. Truck less is so painful. I very occasionally allow Hubs to borrow my F-250, means I’m stuck driving his Maxima with my butt skidding on the ground feeling! Try writing your name on concrete with the power washer. It’s nearly as good as literally carving it in fresh cement.


  5. Oh dear, all of that pressure washing cleanness pleases me so greatly. I gotta get in on this game lol. I can’t wait until Dave has a pressure washer free from his job sites. I never thought about utilizing them to clean all my horse stuff.


  6. That stinks about your truck! But at least the damage is not too bad and you are okay! I had a similar accident 3 years ago where the person in front of me slammed on the brakes at a green light, and it was going downhill… I slammed on the brakes too but it wasn’t quite enough. It was an older car and the damage was pretty bad… car was totaled… When my parents picked me up at the garage where they towed it to, my dad said that he was glad he saw me before the car or else he would have thought I was pretty hurt. All I ended up with was a small burn on my arm from the air bag. I was so upset about my car.. it was my first car and it was my baby.


  7. I can commiserate about not having a truck. A while back, I was hit by a semi-truck. Took me over a year to settle everything and find a replacement truck within my budget. It was a big-bummer not being able to haul my horses, get hay, transport bedding, especially since I keep my horses at home. Sounds like you will be on the road again faster than I was so that is great. In the mean time, pressure-wash away! Man, it look like the one you got works really well.


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