Brother from another mother

How is it Monday again already? And how is it almost September? I feel like it was just August 1st a few days ago. Time is flying. Although I don’t really mind if summer wants to move along a little faster, it’s hot as shit and I’m over it. We didn’t get a drop of rain from that hurricane and the triple digit days are starting to wear on all of us I think. Except maybe Presto, who still naps in the sun even when he’s covered in sweat. Gotta solidify all that awesome sunbleaching I guess.

He’s also randomly decided that he likes Oatmeal Cream Pies now

Since it’s hot and gross, Henry continues to have a light schedule. He went for a hack on Saturday, but I try to be careful not to make him too hot, especially when the “feels like” is gonna be 115 or some shit by later in the day. The mornings have been pretty humid too, so… he’s living the chill life at the moment. Such is the way for him every summer. I have literally no future plans in mind for him at the moment, so I don’t feel any need to push things or feel pressured about it. He’s happy and perky and always a little wild. I can’t complain.

very serious riding business

Presto got a little bit of time “off” after that particularly wild ride on my birthday. He just wasn’t himself that day, and was suddenly worried/anxious/spooky about the wooded areas that he had never been concerned about before. I got on him the next week after that for a few minutes and just walked in the arena and he still felt very on edge and spent a lot of time staring off into the trees. Really out of character. I’m not sure what changed from his perspective but my gut told me to dial it back, so instead I just spent the last week and half handwalking him out there, letting him graze, and doing some groundwork until I felt like he understand he was safe and fine and no longer staring anxiously into the brush. He’s naturally quite a brave and bold and confident horse, so if/when he raises a concern like that it tends to be pretty genuine, and I felt like if I’d tried to force it he would have ended up losing confidence either in me or in himself or both. We’re in no hurry. He’s 3. We’re laying the bricks that have to sustain him forever, so if we have hiccups I’d rather take a step back and let him figure it out than try to force him. Trying to keep making deposits into the trust bank.

He seemed back to normal by the middle of last week, so on Sunday I got back on him out in the grass field (where the original meltdown took place) and he was super. Back to his normal self. I kept it very easy and light, about 15 minutes of walking and trotting on a loose rein. He was interested in what we were doing, but not in a tense or worried way, just happy to go forward and listen and stay relaxed. After we were done in there we walked down the fenceline next to the brushy area and then stopped and hung out and watched some fence construction (which had just started the day before). He was super chill about all of that, not worried in the least, so hopefully he’s over whatever set him off in the first place. I still have no idea what that was, but… horses. Sometimes they just need a minute to recalibrate. I get it, so do I.

It’s also possible that I totally stalker/fangirled with Will Faudree over Mama’s Magic Way (Mason). The more I found of that horse the more and more he seemed identical to Presto, so I’ve become I wee bit fascinated. I found baby pictures and omg.

same face, different ears

I was curious about his personality though, so I couldn’t resist, I had to ask Will. And the response was legit spooky. I’m relatively certain they’re the same horse. Will said “I describe him to people as a 5 year old little boy on a sugar high in a toy store. He is the biggest character and comedian.”. Sounds familiar. Very accurate description of Presto. He also sent me a video of Mason being Mason, and I had to laugh because I had a really similar one of Presto, which I sent back. He agreed, they’re basically the same.

Thanks for humoring me Will. God, can you imagine two Presto’s in the same place at the same time?

But if he’d like to take after Mason in other respects I wouldn’t really mind. Just saying.

This’ll do

Now I have a new “brother from another mother” to watch for sure. I see resemblances between almost all the MM’s, I can pick the majority of them out of a crowd, but I’ve never seen one that was such a carbon copy of Presto as Mason is. They have similar dams too, half TB half Hanoverian. How could I could I not take a shine to Mason? New favorite upper level horse.

I did stalk a couple more MM’s this weekend too on the live feed from Strzegom in Poland. There was one on the *4 Nations Cup team for Germany

Mighty Spring

and one in the 2*.

Magic Mick

Thank you live streams for enabling me to be creepy AF worldwide. It occurred to me as I was sitting there at 5am on a Sunday watching the 2* that there might be something wrong with me. I’ve accepted it though, please don’t stage an intervention. It’s become a serious hobby and I don’t want to be helped.

Hope everyone had a good weekend!

6 thoughts on “Brother from another mother

  1. Wow, he looks exactly like Presto as a baby!
    Pretty neat to see an older horse with such similar breeding, it’s a bit like a glimpse into the future.


  2. In some aspects this must feel like having access to a crystal ball. Baring something tragic happening *knock on wood* all your stalkering/fangirling proves your point about genetics, etc. I have no doubt that Presto will be up to anything and everything you want to do with him.
    Would you consider breeding Sadie again to MM with the hopes of a filly?


  3. Sometimes when horses unexplicably lookie it can be that there has been a strange animal in the area of their pasture that you are not aware of and it can take them a few days to stop worrying. Of course, they seem to have a good sense of smell so at times a creature can be around that is not visible but they know it is there. At my boarding barn, it is surrounded by bears! I am sure the bears come around during the night when it is quiet. In fact, they come around and right next to the fence during the day. There have been many times that all the horses seem amp’d up only to see a mama bear and 2 cubs nearby a few hours or day later! They know…


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